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PALAWN’s Talks His New Single, “Weekend (Let’s Party)” In Exclusive Interview

Welcome to Buzz Music, PALAWN! We loved "Weekend (Let's Party);" we loved the feel-good vibes! What was the inspiration behind this song? Were you drawing from personal experience?

Thank you so much for having me; I appreciate the love you gave me on my debut single and am grateful to be back. My inspiration was actually the dope production by Rebbel (London). I was at Timeless Recording Studios in Cincinnati, listening to the track. It felt releasing, distressing, and felt so good that I couldn't stop moving, and those were the words that came out from my stream of consciousness [with help from Pershard Owens (St. Louis) & Patrick Perez (Toronto)]. Yes, of course, drawing from personal experience but also others' experiences as well. We have had that job where we count down the seconds until the weekend hits to do what we want and have those precious days to share with our BFFs.

What inspired you to first start making music, and what inspires you to continue doing so now?

I have never known my life without music, I started singing at my hometown church when I was three years old and writing when I was 14, and it's just in my being. I couldn't live without it, honestly. What pushes me now is not having a POC queer artist to look up to when I was younger. We currently have so many beautiful examples in mainstream and indie industries; Victoria Monet, Jayse Vegas, Wuhryn Dumas, Durand Bernard, and Tre G are inspirations that come to mind.

What's been your favorite thing about being an artist and being able to release your music for your fans?

I enjoy the creative freedom and control as PALAWN because I can talk about and say whatever is on my mind with no inhibitions, hoping my friends out in the world can relate.

How would you describe your music to someone who hasn't heard it before?

Urban Dance Pop; I love ALL genres, so don't be afraid if I switch it up; I'm not one for boxes. It's more so whatever I feel. However, my newest release, "Weekend (Let's Party)," gives David Guetta, Jason Derulo, Kenyon Lonsdale, and Troye Sivan vibes.

What's next for PALAWN? Can we expect to hear more music soon, and is there anything you'd like to say to your fans?

YES! I've completed my PRIME COLOR single series and am now moving on to secondary prime colors, so more music to come, definitely. This will lead to an LP release at the top of 2024, and getting ready to shoot visuals VERY soon; I'm EXTREMELY excited, so please follow me on my socials to see and hear when things are happening! I'm so grateful to my friends out there who have discovered me. I hope that my music pushes you toward love and greatness. Thank you for being YOU; God is love, period.

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