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PALAWN Splashes The Scene With His Debut Single "Juxtapose"

NYC-based singer-songwriter and r&b/pop recording artist PALAWN introduces us to his inspirational and charismatic ways with a dynamic debut single, "Juxtapose."

PALAWN's goal is to normalize and celebrate the queer experience through music while navigating his journey to mental health clarity, calling it #mentalhealthmusic. With vast influences from George Benson to Dolly Parton, Celine Dion, B.B. King, and many more, PALAWN was able to carefully curate is his unique sound while using it to elevate black-queer voices.

Now releasing his exciting yet emotional debut single, "Juxtapose," listeners can introduce themselves to the honest and head-turning recording artist as he showcases his vibrant vocals and charismatic stage presence. PALAWN is incredibly excited to use this single as leverage into the music industry, and we can already tell the new track will put his music on the map.

Hitting play on "Juxtapose," we're instantly met with PALAWN's soft and airy vocals as he gently wishes for someone to stay. As the faint keyboard melodies slowly expand, PALAWN drops us into a modern r&b/pop beat where he brightly expands on not being able to resist someone regardless of the harm they've placed on the relationship and PALAWN's personal growth.

This song takes many groovy twists and turns that keep the vibe alive, all while PALAWN takes us over to the hook and realizes that self-growth is a priority. We love the song's exciting and modern feel; the production lays a solid and dancy foundation for PALAWN to shine in the spotlight while emphasizing the importance of distancing yourself from others who don't do you any good.

Make some crucial realizations with PALAWN's big debut single, "Juxtapose," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, PALAWN. Congratulations on releasing your vibrant debut single, "Juxtapose." Why did you want this song to be your big debut? How does it represent you?

Thank you so much for the well wishes, I'm happy she's FINALLY ARRIVED. I chose this track for my debut because it's the start of my beautiful journey of self-assertiveness, self-awareness, and overall self-love. The day I decided to truly choose loving myself and making choices that fuel that love.

What inspired the honest, emotional, yet empowering lyrical content in "Juxtapose?" What experiences led you to write this song?

HERE WE GO...It started with the end of 2019 I was cornered into a deep battle of depression and not the usual seasonal kind. I was in a relationship of almost 4.5 years at the time, and it was very toxic and I lost my sense of self-worth. I put my whole being into work, I didn't really know who I was outside of that so when it was gone I was devastated. I was broke trying to make ends meet, couldn't visit my family during the holidays, unknowingly exhausted from the hustle and bustle of it all. Nothing felt like it was working and it didn't seem like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. My partner and I, who lived together in a small NYC apt uptown decided to call it quits but agreed that one of us will move out once things started moving a couple of months. March 2020 hits and the world is locked down. Now I had to be in a space with my ex-partner 24/7, we both were scared and didn't want to outside and leaned on each other for everything which caused me to have THE MOST anxiety, fear, confusion which I had never experienced in a relationship before. Always wondering where they were, who they were with. There was a point when every time they entered the space my heart would start racing and my body would tense up. Something HAD to be done before I went to a darker side, so I decided, from their suggestion to begin my journey with therapy for the first time in my life and my therapist suggested using songwriting to navigate through the breakup. One night I was listening to a beat by MANTRA and the lines, "I need you to go, so I can grow, no back and forth." The lyrics came FLOWING out of me and a year and 7 months later you have "Juxtapose."

Speaking of writing "Juxtapose," what was the main message you wanted listeners to take away when writing the debut single?

I want people to know they are not alone in and out of the context of the song. As I was explaining my situation to others, I found a good amount of folks have experienced staying with an ex-partner post-breakup, not in a global lockdown, but we parallel the anxieties that come with being in the same space as your ex-partner after you've called it quits. Could you tell us more about #mentalhealthmusic and why you wanted to create music that sheds light on positive mental health? As people of color, especially L.G.B.T.Q.I.A., we often don't have an outlet or realize we have other resources for mental health wellness until adulthood. It's just not a thing talked about often growing up. The only option presented for solving your problems is faith-based and the stigma for going to see a mental health professional means you are going "crazy," when in reality utilizing those resources is just an additional outlet for mental compartmentalizing. I'm using my music from my experience as I navigate my own personal journey with my mental health via that specific time in my life. That is what the EP, "Juxtapose" will sculpt itself to be. It's a movement that says, I'm not dealing with "ifs and maybe." I'm dealing with "yes" and "no."



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