Palco Released Her Seductive Vibe,”Taking Your Time On Me”

Palco is an LA-based solo artist who's been playing in the world of Indie electronic, soul-pop, and R&B music. She’s acquired a good amount of international success and interest with 3 singles behind her. She began debuting some time around last year when she dropped her first record titled “Feel Your Love”, compromised of melodic bass guitar and R&B vocals.

Palco recently released her single titled “Taking Your Time On Me” and the intricacy in this song is remarkable. Palco has this detailed vocal style composed of seduction, soul, and passion. Her lush vocals are the highlight of this sensual record. Palco reminds me of those mellifluous R&B singers like Sabrina Claudio and Jorja Smith, who knows how to create a vibe you can’t forget. The production of this beat had a dope vintage aesthetic which I found to be completely mesmerizing. The trail-blazing elements to “Taking Your Time On Me” make this song a stand-out from recent records I’ve personally heard. “Taking Your Time On Me” is a song I can play over and over and never get tired of it. It fits right in with the plethora of music that’s on my personal playlists. “Taking Your Time On Me” was a well-rounded and cohesive hit from this promising star who has a lot in store for us!

Check out "Taking Your Time On Me" here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to Buzzmusic Palco! How would you describe your upbringing and background? Los Angeles is known as the city of dreams! Were you impacted by your environment in any way?

I grew up in TX and was a total wild child. My mother is from the East coast and my dad is from the South, so I had two quite polar energies influencing me. My mother really passed down a passion for writing, enthusiasm for life, nature, and animals, and a feminine delicacy. My dad passed down a bit of wild rebellion in terms of anything conventional or straight and a passion for art. We grew up on the border of Louisiana and Tx and I spent a lot of time in gospel churches clapping and stomping and singing my heart out with a friend from school. My sister and I would fight over hairbrushes around the house that we used as makeshift microphones and would sing all day long when we were home. My mom’s parents are of European descent, so we were quite liberal for our community, and I was always a bit of an outlier. I never fit in anywhere and was highly aware of that, so around 7 years old I remember riding my bicycle furiously around an enormous driveway that went on for like half a mile and I would belt songs about my feelings. It gave me a sense of power and removed this feeling of being so small in the world. In that sense, music really became a higher power for me. I found a lot of peace writing and singing and finding characters to play out vocally. That’s really how I was impacted by my environment and ultimately freed of the challenges of it too.

Who would you consider some of your inspirations? What keeps you going?

I grew up listening to anything on the radio from Dixie Chicks to Britney to Spice Girls and loads of country music artists, but at home my parents would play Fleetwood Mac and Stevie and CCR. I watched a ton of Soul Train and I think everyone found that kind of amusing but I really loved Soul music. When I was 12 or 13 my mom played Criminal by Fiona Apple on a drive home from school and I became obsessed by her songwriting and raw, unapologetic angst. She was my introduction into more indie cult music and the likes of Cat Power, Tori Amos, Kate Bush, and so on. By the time I was 18, I would stay up til 4 a.m. searching the internet far and wide for indie artists and up-and-coming artists and I'd make my friends playlists. It was definitely what kept me going and a total obsession.

Have you noticed any major improvement in your artistry from your first release? In what ways have you elevated yourself?

I’ve noticed my songwriting is becoming more fluid. I’m starting to pay more attention to phrasing and vocal intention. I’ve also sought out new beat makers and producers playing with more modern sounds. I’m really dedicated to merging worlds together that I enjoy in a way that is alluring but still keeping my intention as genuine as possible even when I’m writing on lighter subjects such as Taking Your Time on Me was.

We LOVED “Taking Your Time On Me”.  what was the major theme behind this song?

I’m so glad you loved it! I had a lot of fun writing that one and the process of writing and recording happened really quickly! My friend TreesandLucy sent over some beats and that's the one I really vibed with. It felt strange and sexy and immediately took me back to the time in history that I wrote the song about. The major theme behind this song is meeting someone atypical of your “type” or what you always envisioned you wanted but there’s this instantaneous connection/chemistry. The song is about that experience for me and then how this person would come to really tease the idea of intimacy and sex but never deliver. It was a painful, slow, confusing pursuit and it’s that fantasy brain in all of us that couldn't stop considering the possibilities of it all: romance, soul, sex, friendship… In the end, it became a song, and I'm totally happy with that.

What’s next for you Palco?

I have two songs in production I’m trying to wrap up in the next month or so. I’m working with my friends (Daniel Cappellero whom I co-wrote a track with and my friend’s Rob Heskin and Geoffrey Titus produced it). The next single is called Not Gonna Change Me and it’s a hip hop heavy beat with really low, rich vocals. It’s very different from anything I’ve done so far and I’m excited about the character!

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