Paper Dragon Mellows out Their Sound With Recent Track "New Religion"

Paper Dragon creates an artistry that is unique to themselves and their category. They're releasing new music, and we're highly intrigued by their combination of contrasting synths, as well as their choice of dynamics within their sound. Most recently, they've created a track that takes on a different type of execution. We present Paper Dragon's track: "New Religion". 

Paper Drago's begin "New Religion" off with an eclectic styling, and it grabbed our attention immediately. Soon after, we're introduced to the vocal dynamics of Paper Dragon, and again, we're mesmerized by their eccentric execution. "New Religion" incorporates a collection of piano soundings that fully transcended our experience as listeners. They're quirky, strong, fun, and angelical all at the same time, making for a sound we haven't quite heard before. They're shaking up their category and transforming their sound to an impressive level. We also must comment on the fact their combined sound is incredibly rich, with intricate complexions. Deep synths present throughout "New Religion" is undoubtedly another elevating aspect, and quite possibly the very element that adds the perfect amount of musical contrast. It's clear that Paper Dragon added in new aspects and soundings to this track, and we appreciate the dynamic flow they can easily capture while recording. Discover "New Religion" here.


Welcome to BuzzMusic Paper Dragon! It's great that we can take a moment to chat about your most recent music! Can you tell us about the production of your latest track "New Religion", and how the vision initially started for this track?

Thanks, BuzzMusic for taking the time to speak with us. We have had a lot of fun making this track it was one of those tracks that came together really quickly and instinctively. The track like a lot of our songs is about relationships and the give and take between people.

Once we had the first sketch we had the absolute pleasure of getting a day to record in Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios. This is where the track really came alive. Our amazing pianist Dorian Childs-Prophet bought the chords to life and then at the end of the day we all sat around and had that moment of thinking this could be a special track.

What're your personal impressions when listening to "New Religion"? 

We all love the cleanness in production, the quality of each element but presented in this drum and bass/Jungle style. Mixing soulful songwriting with darker, dirtier beats and bass. There is not much out there at the moment fitting this style so we are looking to pioneer a new sound.

Can you describe the evolution of your music, from your earlier releases, to now? Do you feel like you're progressing in the way you've wanted to as a collective?

This is our first release as Paper Dragon, but we have all been involved in releasing music before. The fusing of styles has been a real evolution, Ruth’s’ soulful voice accompanying the electronic production is unique and interesting, working with Fred V and Grafix and an impressive range of successful projects; Jon has a keen eye for production having managed some big shows, such as Koan Sound, Hospital and Warp records; Bruce worked with TC, Jakes, Distorted minds and Mushroom (Massive Attack) writing/performing/ producing and Kris has worked with Underworld, Kate Bush, U2 (at Abbey Road). That is the amazing thing about our collective we each bring an important part but also cover a broad shared area of skill and interest in songwriting and production.

What're your performances like? What kind of energy pulsates throughout the crowd?

We have our first live show booked for 11th December at the Crofters Rights in Bristol UK

So come and see for yourself!!

We're definitely intrigued to see what will be the next release from Paper Dragon! Any hints on what the next step is for Paper Dragon?

We have spent the last 18months in the studio and have now a really amazing selection of tunes to drop, they are quite eclectic. There is a solid foundation of song-driven drum and bass/breaks based tracks and we have a few downtempo soulful tracks. We can’t wait to share all of this music with you. Thanks again we have really enjoyed sharing with you.