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PartyONE Releases “Thorns”

Gehrig Ryan is a music producer, recording & visual artist based out of Los Angeles, CA. He decided to brand himself as an artist with going by the alias PartyONE after building a foundation for himself through his various work in film photography & visual direction. PartyONE is here to expand his artistic reach through his intricate single “Thorns”.

PartyONE has one of the most memorable voices that sent chills in my spine due to how classic and travel spanning it was! If you think about all the popular vocalists back in the day such as Michael Jackson, Prince, Ralph Tresvant mixed with a modern day Robin Thicke you get the birth of the newest timeless voice, PartyONE. His smooth-sailing resonance and suave aura really carried the song “Thorns” from start to finish in a more sensual vibe.

The sound is a production of chilled R&B mixed with the seductive soul element of the genre. However, it’s safe to say “Thorns” is more than an R&B record with a groovy elucidated pop beat mixed with some detailed autotune and soft trap. All these unique components helped set the impression that PartyONE embodies the true meaning of an “artist” and that is to create art! Art we can become infatuated with and would want to listen to over and over again.

Listen to "Thorns" here and get to know more about PartyONE in our interview below!

As a multi talented individual in areas including visual arts, producing, and recording, do you have a personal favorite? If so which and why!?

I’ve always said that I want to die making films. I love creating music, but I feel that I’m generally most inspired by visual art/cinema. In many ways though, all 3 go hand in hand. When I produce a record I tend to visualize moments that fit the overall vibe, then I create a mood with sounds. To me, the music is all about feeling. I would say that recording is my least favorite aspect haha

Is your music style influenced by anybody? If so who and why!?

My music style is influenced by so many artists, but a few heavy influences would be Sade, Kanye West, Dr. Dre & Tame Impala. Tonality, atmosphere and BEAUTIFUL melodies are my biggest take aways from both Sade & Tame Impala. Tame essentially being a 1 man band is also a huge inspiration, hence partyONE (i.e party of one). Kanye and Dre are always changing the game, in some form or another; on the music side as well as the business. I try to implement the details that move me about these artists & make them my own. 

Tell us a little bit about “Thorns” and what inspired you to write it!

To me, “Thorns” is the realization that perfection doesn’t exist. Accepting the bad is crucial to experiencing the good. As far as inspiration, I think just an accumulation of past experiences is what drove the writing of this song. It’s something I wanted to acknowledge.

Did you find any challenges in the creation of “Thorns” ?

About a week after producing the beat, I was actually in a pretty horrible wreck. I passed out while driving and crashed my car head first into a brick wall. As a result, I fractured my vertebrae in 3 places, broke a rib & tore my liver and kidney. During the few months I spent in bed recovering, I ended up writing & recording what is now “Thorns”. It really helped give me something to focus on during an otherwise gloomy time. Recording with the broken rib was definitely a challenge though!

Since you’re a visual artist! Could we expect a really cool visual to go alongside the trendy hit of “Thorns” ? 

YES! The music video has already been shot & will be released within the next couple of weeks; co-directed by myself & Ian Hussey. Stay tuned.


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