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Pau and xpxp Exude Lust on Their Latest Single, "Dump Your Boyfriend (feat. Pau)"

Coming in from Texas, the Singer/Songwriter Pau teams up with her old pals xpxp for the release of their sultry single, "Dump Your Boyfriend (feat. Pau).

Making a name for herself since her debut appearance on The Voice, Pau has been an avid collaborator as well. Working with the world-renowned producer her0ism to release their recent single, xpxp recently targeted the English-speaking market and has been making waves ever since.

With xpxp's recent single, "Dump Your Boyfriend (feat. Pau)," we're met with an energetic Dance-Pop single that sweetens our days with synthetic production and Hi-Fi elements. Pau's brilliant feature sings a sultry message of breaking apart a happy home for the mere pleasure of temptation and indulgence.

Playing xpxp's single, "Dump Your Boyfriend (feat. Pau)," the song begins with bright and progressive production through the foot-tapping kicks, surrounding Hip-Hop infused drum patterns, and floating background synths. As Pau starts singing her desirous message of wanting what she can't have, we're left swooned by her broad vocal range and dynamic melodies.

We genuinely appreciate the sonic depth and merging of genres through xpxp's production within this track, as they've fused the stylings of Dance-Pop with various Hip-Hop hints while pushing the sultry and sensual atmosphere with a driving kick and sweltering bassline. The use of various synths is truly impeccable, as we feel nothing but lifted into the song's lustful atmosphere.

We're nothing but pleased with the textured and flavorful single that xpxp has created with "Dump Your Boyfriend (feat. Pau)," as they've perfectly crafted a desirous sonic soundscape alongside the sensual stylings of Pau and her intriguing lyricism.

Hello xpxp and PAU and welcome to BuzzMusic. What inspired the lyrical content for your single "Dump Your Boyfriend (feat. Pau)?” What pushed you to write such an intriguing lyrical message?

xpxp: The concept was “Girl Crush.” More than admiration, we focused on jealousy because we think the feeling is much stronger to motivate people--good or bad. So, about the lyrics, we just tried to select strong words with the image of cutting-out “nowadays” in mind. PAU gave shape to our words and ideas. Honestly speaking, we just want listeners to simply enjoy the song, rather than trying to convey a “message” from the lyrics.

What was your collaborative process like when working with your friends and producers xpxp for the single "Dump Your Boyfriend (feat. Pau)?” Was it an easy process, seeing as you know each other's styles?

PAU: Working with xpxp was very intuitive. I had worked with her0ism before on other projects and it’s always effortless. In fact, I was so inspired when her0ism started working on the production, that I was done writing the first verse before he had even finished building the section. That’s when I learned that her0 and Ryo Ito already had a clear direction for the song. We blended my personal situation and truthful lyrics with their vision. And honestly? Something much cooler, inclusive, and the representative was born.

Regarding the sonic depth and lust within the production on "Dump Your Boyfriend (feat. Pau)," what sort of vibe and feel did xpxp initially have in mind for the song?

xpxp: We took great points from US POP and J-POP. The first half of the hook is less like an American track and the second half is kind of a big chorus. That is more reminiscent of J-POP.

Might we hear more collaborations in the future between you and producer duo xpxp?

PAU: I’d absolutely love that!!! I would do a whole album with these two. Their talent, drive, and creativity motivate and inspire me.

What can we expect to see next from you both?

xpxp: Well, we just create what we like, when we like, without thinking too much for now. We love having the flexibility to change and mature based upon the responses of our listeners. It would be great if we could share our music with many people; all over the whole world.

PAU: You can expect a bunch of more releases, both as a songwriter and an artist. As for me personally? I hope to learn how to hold chopsticks in a less “offensive” way. her0ism told me I would earn myself some dirty looks in Tokyo, so my goal is to learn from him as much as I can before I make my way out there. Here’s hoping I make it out to Japan in 2021 to work with xpxp in person and to eat sushi like a local!


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