Paul Bailey Breaks Down How It “Shoulda Been You”

Originally from the UK, Paul Bailey had his first taste of musical inspiration during grade school music class. His principal was impressed by his musical sense, and she encouraged him to continue to pursue it.

His early influences were artists like Motown and Muscle Shoals, Stevie Wonder, and Michael Jackson. Throughout his career has also worked with a number of popular and talented producers who have been guiding him in his creative endeavors.

It's no surprise to hear Paul recently signed a synchronization deal that will provide a great boost to his career.

Pressing play on "Shoulda Been You," we are met with a unique, uptempo beat and striking textures that paint a picture of heartbreak and betrayal that we all can relate to. As we are introduced to Paul's well-structured vocals, he sings of his experience with a lover and how it should've been her who was betrayed and left heartbroken.

His lyrics convey true emotion as he sings lyrics like: "It was love from the start, but a moment of weakness," displaying his bleeding heart on his sleeve for all to see. "Shoulda Been You" is about the betrayal, jealousy, and acrimony he felt towards his past lover's actions. The cuts are deep, and his pain is so overwhelming that you can hear his emotional struggle through his delivery.

"Shoulda Been You" is an anthem for the broken-hearted. Let Paul Baily offer the redemption you need and listen to "Shoulda Been You" today on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Paul Bailey. We're so pleased to have you with us. "Shoulda Been You" is a statement record for your feelings, was it a difficult process, to be honest about your emotions during the creation of it?

No, because I was both connected and disconnected from what inspired me in the first place in writing this song. You will get what I mean by the follow-up questions.

The production and vocal melodies on "Shoulda Been You" are so unique, what keeps you innovative and free as an artist?

Watching movies, the news, conversations with friends/family, or overhearing a conversation in this case a movie. Your ability to convey a feeling across in a record is impressive, have you ever had trouble writing records, or has it always been an easy flow for you? It depends but when I catch a feeling I go with it. Case in point while watching the Movie Acrimony Staring Taraji P Henson I was so moved by the story/relationship and characters I believed I was that guy with strong belief and determination about who I am my worth and my goals even if my partner doesn’t see it, but has unconditional love for me anyways. When the relationship goes wrong it goes terribly wrong and is not able to recover. The new lady that ensues gets what the original girl should have gotten. “It Should have been you.”

The message and concept were a really great choice, what advice would you give to someone who's going through the same thing that you went through?

I would say aspiring writers who may have writer's block to watch movies, read a book, and listen to their favorite artists past and present. They may touch upon a situation you are in and it gives you clarity and enables you to write about it!

What's next for you?

I have been invited to Rotterdam this fall for the New Skool rules conference and showcase as a guest in the booth stalls set up there. As well as fielding new offers to license my music to sporting events worldwide.