Paul Bailey Sings For Peace And Justice In “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel”

Coming from the United Kingdom, alternative artist Paul Bailey released his new single “Who Can't Hear Must Feel” to reflect on the nonsense of the justice system.

Paul Bailey is a singer, songwriter, and performer who spreads a message of human unity through music. He takes influence from great artists like Steve Wonder and Michael Jackson. Thus, Paul relies on sounds from Hip hop and electronic music to create his songs. His uplifting beats and joyful lyrics will shake your mind.

“Who Can't Hear Must Feel” was born from the painful and chaotic event of the death of Gorge Floyd at the hands of a police officer. Paul Bailey wrote the lyrics during the trial of that officer. Stunned by the blindness and injustice of the justice system, Paul realized that “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel.” Now he is up to saying it through music.

Diving into “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel,” Paul Bailey explores the sounds of Urban and Dubstep genres. The result is a powerful track full of energy. But he manages to keep his funky signature full of old jams vibes that bring up the best memories. The instrumentals catch your attention to hear what Paul Bailey has to say.

The lyrics of “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel” by Paul Bailey’s voice invite us to listen, and although some things might seem like nonsense, we better move with intent, no lament. Don’t try to play with fire. In other words, don’t hurt or tease others. Paul Bailey wrote a song of peace and justice here.

Hit the play button on “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel” and see how music can express feelings that can’t be heard through mere words.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Paul Bailey, and congratulations on your latest release,“Who Can’t Hear Must Feel?” What was the dominant emotion while writing “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel?”

The Dominant emotion that I was feeling was uncertainty. At the same time, following the trial of the Police officer who killed Goerge Floyd. The wrong verdict would bring about Terani. So that is what I was feeling.

Who are the people who supported you the most while making “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel?”

There was not any one person. It was written in private no one knew I was writing this. It was something I heard my father always say, 'If you can't hear, you will feel. So that was the catalyst for this song.

How did making “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel” help you grow as an artist?

How this song helps me grow as an artist. As a songwriter, it opens me up to be free to write what I feel and not be afraid to tap into the moment and dig deep and express my thoughts.

How do you expect “Who Can’t Hear Must Feel” to impact your listeners?

I hope, and so far, well received. I heard that this song is on a different level to a great tune. So, it seems that it is being well received.

What's next for you?

What is next? Well, won't release any new tunes until my contract is over with my current distributor, which ends in February 2023, so with my new contract With Ingrooves, I can start off the New Year fresh With Universal music group behind me.