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PeepJesus Releases New Single “Forever”

PeepJesus is a rising Columbus, Georgia artist who recently released his newest single “Forever”, coming into the scene with a different type of vibe that we can't get enough of.

“Forever” begins with a soothing and melodic introduction, creating a laidback melancholic vibe for the listener. The beat drops and transforms the song into a canorous trap tune. PeepJesus has a well-articulated delivery with passion projected from his voice. You felt the energy in “Forever” and the lyrics were so passionately driven, you became connected immensely with the music. You’re intertwining yourself with the soaring melody. PeepJesus is representing the new trend of “sing rap”.

Do you know when artists rap, but with a melody? If you think of artists like YNW Melly, you may grasp the concept clearer. Just like Melly, the conviction in PeepJesus voice was dynamically powerful. “Forever” is a nice track that can meet eye to eye with our playlists of vibes. The infectious tune with the raw lyricism is a reflection of the star quality we see in PeepJesus!

Listen to "Forever" here and get to know more about PeepJesus in our exclusive interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic PeepJesus! Mind telling us a little bit about your background and upbringing! What drove you to begin making music?

Im 20 yrs old from Columbus Ga. Im the youngest of three siblings and we lived with just my mom my whole life. Id say I had a pretty good upbringing being raised by the loving mother I have. Stuff gets hard sometimes, but that's life we all face adversity at some point. I always had a passion for music, but was honestly to worried about the opinions of others to actually chase my dream until about a year ago when I decided to say fuck the opinions and anybody who doesn't like it. Ima do me regardless. Also, I wanna spread a positive message letting the world know that its okay to be yourself and that you don't have to conform to anyone else's standards to be considered "cool." You can be a dope ass person just being yourself. Their is only one you right?

Who would you consider as some of your musical inspirations for your trendy sound?

I'd say I get inspiration from a lot of places because I listen to it all, but big ones to me are Drake, Future, PND, 6lack, Young Thug, Migos, Akon and that's just a few lol.

In what ways does your artistry reflect off your record “Forever”?

I think it displays the potential to be diverse while also delivering a empowering message. I want people to listen to it and know that they are more than what others opinions make them seem to be. That can you be whoever and whatever you wanna be despite what anyone says because a lot of people in reality aren't even half of who they claim to be. So yeah I wanted to that positive message and make people feel as if they could takeover the world if they wanted to.

Were there any specific lyrical arrangements you were going for in “Forever”?

Honestly nah nothing specific. The whole song was punched in and kind of free-styled.

What’s next for you PeepJesus?

A whole lot more content and music. Im planning on dropping a project real soon, but even before I get to that the "Forever' video should be dropping some time this week or the next.

And let me say thank you to anyone who fucks with the song and is supporting it and to anyone who hasn't heard it yet also. It means more to me than I can express in words.


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