Philosopha Provides Depth In His Bars With His Recent Single “Buck”

Maywood Westside, Chicago, rapper/MC Philosopha releases his dominating single "Buck." Blending his best aspects into his music to provide lyrics full of wit, charisma, and fun, Philosopha shares his inner monologue with each track he creates. Knowing the culture like the back of his hand, he expresses his timeless thoughts towards a modern-day society. Through his recent single "Buck," Philosopha tells a detailed story within a short time span of two minutes. Rapping with incredible poise and clear flow, we're able to grasp every single lyric that Philosopha delivers overtop a mid-tempo hip-hop beat with heavenly ghost vocals and textured percussion.

Beginning with high-pitched female ghost vocals that pour emotion into "Buck," Philosopha begins rapping with pure-hearted emotions through bars that highlight his tedious journey and how he's worked incredibly hard to get where he is now. Rather than whining for not having something, Philosopha goes off and gets it on his own. Paying no mind to the negativity he encounters, "Buck" surrounds an honest storyline emphasizing the importance of putting in work to receive the best outcome. The beat remains solid and reliable through providing a composed atmosphere, allowing Philosopha's bars to stand with authority. "Buck" definitely isn't the last we've seen of Philosopha, as we're very excited to see what the industry's hidden weapon has to offer.

Be sure to listen to "Buck" here.


Hey Philosopha, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re loving the honest approach you’ve taken with your recent single “Buck”. What was the running theme you wanted to provide, and want listeners to take away?

When it came to my song Buck I was going through a lot and just lost my mom six months ago. I wanted to just give the people something real raw and uncut, keeping itor a buck. I wanted the fans to be able to feel and relate if they have been through anything real which we all have in some way. 

Within your recent single “Buck”, Philosopha touches on your journey as an artist and in life overall. What inspired you to create a song surrounding these genuine aspects of your time-consuming process?

I kind of coupled number 1 and 2 but just going through these changing times inspirées me to lay it all out there on the table without chorus/hook just straight bars. 

Coming in hot from Chicago, one fo the most diverse music scenes in North America and a known home for hip-hop, how has living in Chicago impacted your sound and how you present yourself?

I believe living in Chicago provides me with a diverse outlook on life. It’s rough here in Chicago and everyone knows that, but it’s also a part of what makes our city so great, so diverse, and so colorful filled with multi talented children, teens, and adults. 

With the quote from Philosopha “The culture is what I know, the culture is what I love”, could you elaborate on what you meant by this, and how you incorporate aspects of the culture into your music?

The culture is what I know, I know the people, society, basking myself in the heartbeat of life we have dancers, singers, painters, musicians, athletes, etc. This defines Philosopha, a man of the people.

What's can we expect to see next from you?

I have new music on the way and believe tons of it. 

Right now I want the ppl to enjoy buck as it is really gaining steam and it will better prepare my audience for all the exciting new music, videos, interviews, and hopefully shows after this pandemic lol. Wash your hands everybody.