PhoenixBlood Sings of Wishful Thinking with His Mellow Hit, "Cold Waves"

The abstract Urban-Pop/Dark-Wave Artist and Singer/Songwriter PhoenixBlood offer a compelling storyline with his latest hit, "Cold Waves," off his recent EP, 'Bayou Boy.'

Known for his abstract sound that ventures into Dark-Wave, Urban-Pop, and Trap, PhoenixBlood takes his broad musical stylings and places captivating modern elements within his sound to further move his listeners. Speaking on his recent hit, "Cold Waves," off his EP 'Bayou Boy,' PhoenixBlood mentioned that the project surrounds themes of being a queer man and falling in love with someone in the closet. Through his single, "Cold Waves," the song itself sings of letting your walls down and immersing yourself in love, regardless of the red flags presented.

"Cold Waves" begins with a dark and ambient Urban-Pop/Trap beat, setting the song's reflective and thoughtful tone. As the surrounding production continues to drift with highly modern sonic elements, PhoenixBlood makes his vocal appearance and instantly gives us chills while singing with his profoundly gripping vocal delivery. While depicting such raw and vivid scenarios through his in-depth lyricism, PhoenixBlood sweetly invites listeners in to relate with each desirous and wishful word he sings. As PhoenixBlood continues to sing of holding on to someone's love regardless of its uncertainty, we can genuinely feel all the passion and desire that PhoenixBlood has crafted this single with.

Ending the song with vast space through the vibrant and mellow production, PhoenixBlood's single "Cold Waves" off his EP 'Bayou Boy' offers listeners a highly relatable lyrical theme. Not to mention the song's overall warmth and serenity through each fluttering hi-hat and groaning sub-bass, "Cold Waves" makes for a truly memorable experience.

We love the overall experience you've delivered with your desirous single, "Cold Waves." What inspired the song's lyrical message of diving deep into someone's love, regardless of the red flags at hand? What should listeners take away from your lyricism?

The biggest inspiration was the fact that I wrote the song right in front of the guy who inspired it as the lyrics flooded through me. Tre Seoul played the original version of the production and asked me to freestyle lyrics and a melody over it. My muse also happened to be in the room at the same time, so I sang from the place I was truly emotionally. I wanted to stop fighting my emotions and let them flow freely. Fighting them became exhausting and it only made them heighten. I was finally ready to give us the chance to grow together.

Seeing as "Cold Waves" is the intro track to your EP 'Bayou Boy,' why did you place the track as the introduction to open the project? How does the single set the tone for the EP to follow?

Cold Waves sets the tone for the fact that I was ready to take all of my walls down. I was ready to allow our feelings for each other to grow deeper. I wrote the lyrics of every single song for this EP as they were chronologically taking place in my life. It’s the first chapter of my first love and eventual heartbreak.

Speaking on the brilliant and modern production within "Cold Waves," did you create this serene arrangement yourself? What did you initially have in mind for the song's sonic atmosphere?

Tre Seoul is the original producer of the song. I fell in love with the dark, atmospheric concept that he came up with. I took the original production to Andrew Leigh and he added a bunch of sultry, emotional elements that made the production align even more with my lyrics. Both of their energies blended so well on this. They crafted one of my favorite songs that I’ve ever created.

Speaking on your EP, 'Bayou Boy,' was it challenging for you to surround your entire EP with reflective themes of falling in love with the wrong people? How long was the project in the making?

I started writing this EP in 2014. The process of writing about these elements was one of the hardest and simultaneously most cathartic things I’ve ever done. It’s tough to admit to yourself that you’ve given so much of yourself to the wrong person. You don’t ever want to believe that the person you love has no regard for your well-being. It was hard, but it was also healing to accept these truths so I could begin to move forward from it. These experiences showed me that no man’s actions will ever define my value.

What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you?

More music. A lot more music. I’m currently working on my next body of work. I will always pour my truths into my music. The most immediate thing coming up is my Music Video for Cold Waves. I shot it back in July with an amazing director named Kevin Walker. We created something beautiful together. It will be released in early 2021.