PizzyPresh Lights up the Mood With His Infectious Single “Baby Okwu”

PizzyPresh is an artist living in Houston, Texas whose focus is on the afrobeats genre of African music. He released his single “Baby Okwu”, a soulful track that’s fused with a mid-tempo instrumental that’s going to elevate you into this dynamic atmosphere. “Baby Okwu” had a number of different elements in this song that attracts you. Ranging from the delivery to the instrumentation and rhythm, all the way to the storybook lyrics. “Baby Okwu” details a story about a guy having a mutual feeling for a girl he desires. However, the guy seemed to not be able to control his feelings towards her physical appearance.

PizzyPresh cultivated a descriptive story with vibrant energy ready to get the dance floor lit! The rhythmic production manufactures a tune that’s meant for clubs, parties, or simple vibes with your friends. Wondering what the term “Baby Okwu” means? Well, it describes “Hot Girl”. This piercing new single will cater well to the women's audience as they love a good jam to get ready to! It’s contagious vibes creates great energy for you and your environment. PizzyPresh striking delivery and poetically driven lyrics were the perfect combinations for a hit song.

Listen to “Baby Okwu” by PizzyPresh here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic PizzyPresh! How was the transition for you from West Africa Nigeria to Houston Texas? In what ways has the change of environment shape your artistry?

PP.  Its been a blessing for me as an Independent art because coming down here with my motive of who I aspire to be in the future has played a big part in my life. When I was back home,  I went to the studio to record sometimes I did not even have enough money for studio sessions and when I did, it was only close friends that got to hear the music I made but I guess that is the story of every growing art. Music for me is starting to make more sense because when I make music I have that opportunity to put it out and not only put it out, but I get to put it out on major platforms. That is something I know is a challenge for any upcoming art back home so I am thankful.

We loved your song “Baby Okwu”, the vibes were on point and the rhythm was great! Can you describe your intentions with the production of this song? What was the vision you were aiming for as far as the arrangement?

PP.  Firstly, thank you guys for loving the song. This song to me is special, I usually do not take time to record my songs because I know who I am and I already know what to do when it comes to recording, but it took 3hours of studio session to record this very song, It was a whole lot from the coaching of the producer recording me to the actual finishes of the song. I wanted to give people the best I was coming for the soul of my fans. How well can they take a good song not just for fun but over the years whenever it comes on they will scream unknowingly ‘’Oh this boy is a bad guy’’. A lot of people would not know this, but we were going back and forth with the production most especially the mixing part and that's why I had the release date postponed. As far as production-wise, this beat was made and mixed by a very talented brother back home called ‘’Stardeck’’ He’s the future in afrobeats as far as I am concerned and I believe he will go far. We made the beat last year and I got to know him through social media, produced one of my singles “No be lie” great song and ever since then we have been working.

The lyrics in “Baby Okwu” represented something much deeper! Can you expand on your songwriting approach and what inspired you to write “Baby Okwu”?

PP.  I am really a very secretive, romantic and introverted person. So with that, it shows on my words very profoundly that's why you might think he copies words from somewhere no is just by default, I do not know about my actions the opposite sex has to tell me to give me that balance. Songwriting for me is God’s gift. That's why I can’t explain how I come up with beautiful stories so therefore I like to call myself the guy with the pen in the head. People that know me always know I sing to myself creating different melodies,  most times I do them unknowingly. “Baby Okwu” has so much said in one, If you pay attention there is a different twist to it, it is almost like I am losing and loving at the same but that is the plan, I am trying to let the girl know we’re one soul in two bodies in that sense that I just want to make her body appreciate the feeling. Hence the killer line in the song that says ‘’I am so weak whenever I see your body” this is me being so deep in my words and emotions. How do I get so weak whenever I see your body is she using some spell on me? No, but that is chemical, is a mixed feeling. ‘’Me and Sodiq we’ve talked about this matter for weeks, your heart is so weak and you know can’t resist this” This me and friend talking about women being women, they are always confused in placing decisions sometimes they miss out, Since you know you have given into loving me and I know our souls are connected don’t play hard to get, I want you to own up to the same feeling by not wasting it and let's get down with satisfaction guaranteed.

How do you plan on elevating your next song from a song that’s as good as “Baby Okwu”? In what ways will you challenge yourself?

PP.  Honestly, I asked the same question to myself, my team, and close friends,  one of them said to me do not worry you will bring another better one you know why? Because you’re pizzypresh with so many abilities you have proven yourself countless times I am proud of you, you’d always do it again. It was a very vital reminder on that note I had to let my producer know I want the hardest beat for the next song and he said I have no issues. So with the ideas, I have for the next song Man! People should be scared of the next single cuz I am infusing different sounds into it but still maintaining my style and sound.