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POLICY Gets The Spotlight For A Flavour-Infused Elecro-Pop Album, 'The Abby Rose'

If you haven't heard of POLICY and their recent album, 'The Abby Rose' you may miss out on a surreal, eclectic listening experience.

POLICY strives to shake up the electronic-pop scene by infusing its music with soul-inspired vocals and heartwarming melodies that spark a full-blown body response. With all ten tracks, 'The Abby Rose' proved to be a magnificent piece of work that showcased the personable characteristics that make POLICY as genuine and unique as they are.

Once we had a chance to chat with POLICY, they shared that their inspiration for the record came from a place of passion and eagerness to create. With influences all around them, POLICY knew that artwork could arise all-too-easily, and thus came the fruition of 'The Abby Rose.'

During the recording, mixing, and mastering process for 'The Abby Rose," each song became a personal favorite of POLICY. Looking back at his songwriting process, POLICY saw the growth he possessed and how his music was infused with such an authentic sense of emotionality. 'The Abby Rose' was also infused with a collection of other artists and their efforts. The vocal collaborators had a ton of creative freedom when it came to their contributions, making 'The Abby Rose' a diverse album, seething a subset of creative energies from various individuals.

When it came to a personal favorite of POLICY's, "Fade Away" made the cut. The reasoning was that it was written on the piano and thus brought about such a concentrated bliss into the hip/hop-centered album. Apart from "Fade Away," POLICY also vibed more so with "Lost," as well as "Past the Upset."

Now knowing POLICY's personal favorites, it's time for you to dive into the distinct and diverse expressions presented in his front-forward album, 'The Abby Rose,' available on digital streaming platforms.


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