Pop Artist Jessy Barham Enriches Listeners In Her New Single, “Price to Pay"

Self-made chamber pop artist Jessy Barham brings forth lyrical ballads in her new single “Price to Pay.”

As a creative young woman on the autistic spectrum who struggles to find connections, Barham writes music to enrich other individuals of the hidden world that exists within the silence.

“Price to Pay” is a light and bouncy piano track that is able to carry the heaviness of the emotions of individuals who feel alone and ignored. Within each moving lyrical sequence, listeners are able to feel the emotions tied to the voice inside one's head. Lyrics like “It is clear these people don’t care, you are nothing to them” embody a feeling of alienation as the beat and soundtrack continue pushing ahead. You can feel the inter directional pull between the lyrics and instrumentals as Barham feels the divide in her own head.

“Price to Pay” is genuinely a battle cry that is masked with light and loose instrumentals. Each song a part of her album (Light in the Darkness) creates meaningful connections and feelings to the problems Barham finds herself facing.

Her ability to do this in such a musical, piano-based way is unmatched and sets her apart as an artist! With the release of various successful singles, we can not wait to see what 2021 has in store for this truly inspirational pop artist.

We are loving your new track “Price to Pay”, what was the process like for you when writing this piece?

Thanks, the process was very exciting! It was the first song I wrote in a jazzy style. Usually, the songs I write have a dark classical, indie-folk vibe to them. This time, I wanted to combine dark lyrics with an upbeat jazzy, piano melody for a new sound.

Who would you say has been your musical inspirations or individuals who have impacted your personal sounds immensely so far in your career?

Originally, when I began my career, I was influenced by rock bands like Evanescence and Within Temptation as well as indie singers like Birdy. However, my influences were different with Light in the Darkness. I had been listening to dark cabaret artists like Emilie Autumn and Aurelio Voltaire lately. Dark cabaret is a music genre that combines gothic rock with 1920’s jazz and cabaret music. The melody in this genre of music is bouncy and jazzy whereas the lyrics are dark. I wanted to write a song in this style and that’s how Price to Pay came about.

How would you say you have been able to connect your various musical pieces together so far to create one genre/personality?

When I write albums, I like to tell a story of self-discovery, so the songs are all ordered in a story-like manner. I began this album with Ghosts from the Past, which is a spooky song about being haunted by past memories and struggling to let go of them. I then transition into Price to Pay, which is a dark cabaret song about being careful who you trust. Only a Dream is a gentle ballad about remembering a loved one. The first three songs are about painful experiences I had. The last song A New Dawn ties up the album since it is about overcoming darkness and seeking light.

This track embodies feelings of being alone and ignored, you mentioned you are someone who struggles to find connections themselves. How would you say being able to create songs like this one have aided you as an individual?

Having the ability to create songs has helped me express emotions that otherwise would be pent up inside me. Price to Pay came to me in a time of frustration. I turned that frustration into a song about people being naive and putting their trust in authority figures that don’t have their best interest at heart. “What looks appealing to the eye can be rotten to the core inside,” was me saying that just because someone looks nice, does not always mean they have good intentions.

What is your favorite quote to follow when it comes to your music and artistry?

My favorite quote is, “Music is the soundtrack of your life.” I think this relates to me as most of my songs are written about things I have experienced or are simply my thoughts turned into songs.