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Pop Duo Broken Echoes Release Dreamy New Single Called “Towers”

Broken Echoes is a pop duo formed in 2015 by childhood friends Kartikeye Ojha and Niank Sharma. They started off by covering a few songs and uploading them to YouTube and playing local gigs in Mumbai, India where both members were located at the time. Broken Echoes then released their first official single called “Captured” on September 15th, 2017. Since then, the duo have released two more singles and a four song E.P. Niank Sharma is based in Bristol, UK and working to achieve his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Bristol. Kartikeye Ohja is a graduate of the Musicians Institute in Los Angeles, California where he obtained a degree in guitar performance.

“Towers” is a brand new single released by Broken Echoes and is the first song from their “Midnight Walks” E.P. The song begins with a simple acoustic guitar and vocals which immediately set up a calming and sensitive atmosphere. Eventually, more of your classic instruments enter the arrangement, including drums, bass and additional guitars. The song builds seamlessly and eventually features strings, creating a lush background on which the soaring vocals are showcased. The overall atmosphere of the music is actually quite serene and soothing, and credit should be given to this charismatic duo for putting together a song that will let you forget your troubles for a few minutes. We highly recommend this new single and encourage you to check it out today!

Listen to "Towers" here and get to know more about Broken Echoes below!

Hey, thank you so much for answering a few questions! First of all, how did you guys go from being childhood friends to forming Broken Echoes?

We first met way back in the third grade and became friends as we were in the same class. A few years later, Kartikeye had to switch schools for high school and since social media was yet to be discovered back then we lost touch with each other for quite a while. We were reunited after a

couple of years at a mutual friend’s party and discovered our shared interest in music. Starting off with a few casual jamming sessions, we decided to give recording and uploading covers on Youtube a go. Our interest in music kept growing and soon we started exploring song -writing and production, formed Broken Echoes and released a few originals, all of which has led us to where we are right now!

You relocated to the UK, but before that you were in Mumbai, India. How would you describe the overall music scene there?

Music in Mumbai or India in general is more inclined towards Bollywood (hindi music) but there’s a fair amount of western music as well, and its overall audience is increasing everyday!

What is your songwriting process generally like? How does the music all come together?

Our songs have been inspired from many different places. Our personal lives, our friends and even random people one of us might happen to notice or talk to once in a while. Since we’re both in different parts of the world, FaceTime and Skype have been very helpful to us! It all starts with an idea in either of our minds. Voice notes, Google docs, and a little bit of work later we eventually end up with a raw song in our heads and start working on it’s production if we think it has potential. The production process is usually slower in comparison as it involves loads of drafts and exchanges of ideas. Once we’re (mostly) happy with the production, the next step involves recording our parts (vocals, guitar etc.) separately and getting them all together in one place. Having done that, we start working on mixing and mastering the song and giving it its final touches.

You have a new single called “Towers”. You’ve managed to create a song with a gorgeous atmosphere, but is there anything else behind the music in this case in terms of a message or meaning?

Towers is a part of our latest E.P. Midnight Walks. Like most of our songs, Towers is also based on reality. It’s the story of a young couple who unexpectedly stumble upon love and it changes their lives completely. The song personifies these feelings and repeatedly hints that true love is eternal, and that the couple would always find a way back to each other.

What can we hope to see from Broken Echoes in the future?

We are still exploring different moods and sounds for our music hence its is difficult to pinpoint what one can expect from us. All that we can say is we have something exciting and different planned for our next few releases after Midnight Walks and that we can’t wait to share it with you guys soon!


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