Popcorn Kid Takes It To Another Level With Their New Single and Video for "Franklins In Stacks"

Popcorn Kid is the persona of Nikhil Narayan, an Indian musician bred in Chennai, based in Bangalore, which came to life in October, 2018. Popcorn Kid is bringing the 80’s and 90’s music trends back in vogue with his new single and video, "Franklins In Stacks". The song also features Sarah Kneeland and Noxigen. "Franklins in Stacks" is from the concept album Paradise and has 2 protagonists doing a bank heist, where one of them gets caught at the end of the song. It's their biggest project as criminals and it goes well until the mishap. Through the entire song, they're boasting about how good their life is going to be once they've completed the heist.

Sarah Kneeland was a crucial part of this song contributing most of the lyrics to fit the narrative and melodic ideas too. It's a duet like most of the tracks on the album." ‘Paradise’ is his most recent work alongside Noxygen (on vocals and the guitar) and many other talented musicians. This splendid album is dynamic, comprising a variety of songs from Disco to Funk, to Synthpop.

The track was produced by Popcorn Kid and Noxigen.

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