Populuxe New Album “Beauty In The Broken Place” is Out Now!

Indie-rock trio Populuxe present stunning rock vocals and a seductive blues-rock groove on this latest release “Where Did I Go Wrong?” Featured on their new album “Beauty In The Broken Place”, “Where Did I Go Wrong?” is easy to love, a smooth track with a slightly retro-style hook melody but a gritty and crisp instrumental set-up that lets the live-vibe shine through. The song is made of up short lines and moments, distinct riffs and lyrics, plenty of space and rhythm, this gives it a memorable aura, not unlike the way that effective pop music tends to work. You get a slightly indie-rock, anthem-vibe from this set-up. In among this though, Populuxe makes sure to keep bringing you back to these elements that make the style their own.

“Where Did I Go Wrong?” is well worth listening to in full more than just the one time. The groove is easy to get into anyway, partly nostalgic but generally just a pleasure to play at volume, the lyrics offer a little bit more each time connecting for their originality and the mild sense of vulnerability they seem to share. Can’t wait to hear more from Populuxe! 

Listen to “Where Did I Go Wrong?” here