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PorterHaus Shows Off Their Western Roots With "Hallelujah"

Western Rock band, PorterHaus, is here to bring a warm-hearted and fully spirited sound to the rock world. Consisting of three brothers, PorterHaus sets out to create lively music filled with nothing but good energy.

Music fans can feel the intention and direction of PorterHaus as they listen to their music. It feels honest and full of inspiration. It's also very easy to tell that the band cares about the way they explore and develop their sound. PorterHaus’ product is methodical and incredibly well-constructed.

One of the most recent tracks from PorterHaus is their single, "Hallelujah." "Hallelujah" features a warm and rustic sound. PorterHaus brings back a predominant Western rock sound with "Hallelujah." 

The band focus' on cultivating a raw and authentic sound that can be felt physically by listeners. When we listen to "Hallelujah" from start to finish, we get the messages and feel exhilarated. Their fast-paced vocal execution aids in the bustling feel that "Hallelujah" captures. There seems to be a Californian vibe to the overall melody.

Combining harmonious productional soundings with a spirited rock vocal performance, PorterHaus brings an original approach to "Hallelujah." We can already sense that PorterHaus is only getting started with "Hallelujah" and that they will continue to showcase their soft rock soundings in the time to come.

Check out PorterHaus and their single "Hallelujah" here and read our full interview with the band here.



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