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Interview: PorterHaus Opens Up About Their Single, "Hallelujah"

We're excited to talk about your release "Hallelujah" and all the visions that came along with it. How did you go about creating the storyline for this track?

 KZ (Our Frontman) just had a classic feel-good melody inspired by "Johann Sebastian Bach Pachelbel's Canon In D." Then, with the words, he was just trying to keep a positive attitude during rough days.

Especially times of going through break up. Basically, waking up with a smile even though everything is shit. KZ wrote this track by himself, but everyone in the band played a big part in how the song was arranged. "Hallelujah" offered many different ambiances for listeners.

What was the primary feel you wanted each and every listener to extract from this particular track?

Like a walk through your neighborhood on a beautiful day, and you're just drinking up all the beautiful things in life.

When you're in tune with everything around you, do you feel that "Hallelujah" has been an extension of your current sound, or do you think that this single differed from what you typically produce as a band?

It's really a foundation of what our sound is. When we found that style in the song, it really established for us the direction we wanted to go with the band.

Are there any possible collaborations the band would want to work on in the near future?

We would love to collaborate with anyone from any genre. Slightly Stoopid or Dirty Heads. Even someone like Daryl Hall, The Carolyn Sills or Orville Peck. Our music taste is very broad. We really love all genres of music. We try to bring a little bit of all the sounds we love into what we create.

What can we expect to see from PorterHaus throughout 2020?

We are set to tour pretty extensively in the spring and fall. We also have several singles we will release throughout the year. Stay tuned.

Listen to "Hallelujah" by PorterHaus here and read our full review of the song here.


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