Power Duo Church Boasts Undeniable Talents In “Day Two”

Toronto’s finest progressive hip-hop duo Church is comprised of rapper/producer/musician Foreign Son and rapper/musician Blake Murray. Dedicated to the merging of experimental sound with funkadelic, soul infused lyrics, Church is the culmination of hard-hitting instrumentation mixed with heart-on-your-sleeve poetry. Church serves as the CFO’s as well as the creative core of the Nomadic North Label. 

The duo's latest release “Day Two” is a hard-hitting, soulful, experimental new track that we can’t get enough of. The raw energy and emotion is every word that Church delivers will blow you away. These guys have arrived and they’re here to stay. A force to be reckoned with, Church delivers nothing but the truth in “Day Two”. The track focuses on the importance and rarity of loyalty today. The talented hip-hop duo is able to blend vulnerability with a contemporary and psychedelic sound. The song is an anthem all about loyalty and broken trust. Church admirably curates relatable tracks for his fans to vibe to. The undertones of synths and the rhythmic textures fuse brilliantly to create this hot new track.

Check out “Day Two” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Church! Can you start by introducing yourselves? How did you two meet and create Church?

We are ‘Church,’ a rap duo hailing from Toronto, Canada, working in conjunction with the Nomadic North label. The group is comprised of Nathan Arges (a.k.a Foreign Son) and Blake Murray. The two of us actually met as busboy’s at a restaurant 4 years ago. Whenever on shift, we’d always talk hip-hop and culture, as well as future plans for our artistic endeavours individually. It was only in 2018, 3 years later, when we merged those individual efforts into a collective and started recording music. Last summer, we debuted our first joint project, “The No More Heroes EP.” After many more hours in the studio together, and furthermore developing our partnership as artists and our friendship as brothers, we embarked on a massive rebranding of “Church,’ setting the tone for that shift by releasing our latest single “Day Two.”

How did you establish your unique music style?

Well, Nate’s a classically trained guitar player, and Blake spent his childhood in the church choir and played the trumpet for several years. We believe musically, our sound comes from having a very eclectic and broad taste in music. We love everything from Marvin Gaye to Jimi Hendrix, from Frank Sinatra to Beethoven, 2Pac, the Wu. We believe our sound comes from a melting pot of many different genres, the most prominent being a blend of what makes hip-hop: funk, soul, and jazz. 

Can you tell us about the Hip Hop music scene in Toronto? Does the city influence the music you create?

Definitely. The good and the bad. Toronto is home for both of us and is such an enormous inspiration. The hip-hop scene here has a very colourful history and we think it’s safe to say, Toronto has a place on the global, hip-hop stage. The prevailing sound in our community is one that we’ve loved and taken in for years. Biggin’ up the 6ix God Drake, but also we have such a prominent, underground scene where you can find quality, real gritty sound. That being said, we always found that the voice that we wanted to hear hadn’t arisen yet; that’s where Churchcomes in. 

We loved “Day Two”! What’s this track about? How do you want your listeners to feel about it?

Glad you liked it! Day Two is such an important song fo us. It’s a symbol for the rebranding of ‘Church’ and is about progress, about change, about coming to grips with your past and forgiving yourself; about letting things go. We want our listeners to come for the energy, the funkadelic, soul sound, and stay for the story, one which is open to interpretation by you. We want to allow space for you to see yourself in our music, always. 

What’s next for Church? We can't wait to hear what's next from you!

Look for our new single ‘Air’ dropping at the end of August. Expect visuals for “Day Two,” as well as a two-pack of solo tracks from the both of us. ‘Church’ is so excited to keep cooking for you; to keep resonating and offering that heart on a sleeve style. In other words, expect us, we’re coming.

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