PREMIERE: Get Lost in Synths With Dead Swells’ Single “Out of the Window”

The 5-piece alternative group from Charleston, Dead Swells releases their sweet-sounding single “Out of the Window”.

The band originally began as the brainchild of songwriter/producer Paul Nederostek, then gracefully grew into a project with five seasoned musicians ready to provide blissful art. With their latest single “Out of the Window”, Dead Swells brings forward a sweet psychedelic sound through vibrant synths and sparkling keyboard melodies. Bringing in expansive lyrics of loving someone and growing with them, Dead Swells really set out a transcendent vibe with this track.

Kicking the song off with low and filtered synths overtop short percussion pulses, “Out of the Window” lets listeners breathe without throwing a beat they weren't ready for. Gradually growing in sound and energy, a high pitched synth begins letting out soft melodies that lead the way of the track.

Calming and melodic vocals enter the track and vocalize the powerful emotion of love while reassuring us that all our unfortunate experiences will soon be thrown “Out of the Window”. The track’s outro provides a soaring psychedelic instrumental, perfectly ending it on a celestial note.

Dead Swells has put us in a trance with “Out of the Window”, and we’re only excited for their upcoming releases.

Listen to "Out of the Window" here.