Premiere: Get Your Daily Dose Of Rock N Roll With “Death Of Me” By Evol Walks

With a healthy chunk of attitude, a dynamite lead singer and a predilection for rock and roll,

Evol Walks has rapidly emerged as a heavyweight contender in the hard rock scene.

The brainchild of Australian born, Los Angeles based singer/songwriter Leah Martin-Brown in

2014, Evol Walks have proven themselves a band to watch by cutting their teeth in venues across three continents and earning plaudits from fans and industry experts alike. With a huge and impressive repertoire, the band shows no signs of slowing down on releases with several more planned before the end of the year and a new record coming early 2020 produced by Brian Howes.

Out now is Evol Walks’ latest track “Death Of Me”, a hard-hitting rock anthem. The emotive lyricism, pummelling guitar, tight rhythms, and Leah’s powerhouse vocals fuse together to form an undeniable rock hit! This absolute smash will have you head-banging and rocking out wherever you may be. Evol Walks’ chemistry, confidence, and finely-calibrated sound are impressive. Leah is unapologetically herself and we can’t get enough! The hard-rock diva is delivering nothing but hits and we can’t wait to see what Evol Walks brings to the table next!

Listen to "Death Of Me” here and continue reading below to hear more from Evol Walks!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your sound! Can you tell us more about your upbringing? How did you get started in music?

Leah: As a kid, I always loved performing! I vaguely remember doing a song and dance routine to the ENTIRE Lion King Soundtrack every time my Mum threw a dinner party. My relatives and her friends were always very tolerant... When I was about 10 years old, my entire grade went on camp and there was a section where the guy running it was playing songs on his guitar and asking people who knew them to get up and sing them. He played one, it was an old hymn, and I was the only one that knew it (my Grandma is very Catholic so I've heard them all haha.). So I got up and actually sang it rather than just talk it or whatever and everyone looked at me funny. From that point, I was always asked to sing at school mass, etc. I picked up the guitar a year later and it was history from there!

Tell us all about your new track “Death Of Me”! What was the writing process like for this song?

Leah: 'Death of Me' is actually an old song I penned back in 2014 with our Producer, Brian Howes but I feel like it still rings true for me today. We were sitting in his outdoor area and it was beautiful weather and we were playing around with some chord progressions. I was going through some weird emotions and I got a text message, read it and muttered "Ugh, you'll be the fucking death of me" and put my phone on mute. Brian heard me say that and was like "AHA! Song title!, and it kind of flowed from there. It was an easy subject to write about- I'm constantly getting myself into the exact same situation despite it being 5 years later!

We love your authentic and powerful vocals, have you had any professional training?

Leah: I started vocal training when I was 18 years old off and on. I did a Post Graduate Degree in Jazz Vocal Performance which had me training 2-3 times per week and then when I moved to Los Angeles, I started training with Ron Anderson who is an absolute genius! Love him!

Who are your top three musical influences? Why?

Leah: Only three??!!! Umm...

Bon Scott: As a vocalist, he has so much charisma. You listen to him sing and hear the cheekiness in his voice and can really see the picture he is trying to create.

Amy Lee: I heard the first Evanescence record when I was 12 and was hooked. Her voice was the most incredible thing I'd ever heard and I just wanted to sound like her and be able to do what she could do. I was so inspired by her tone and ability to go from pure and sweet to heavy.

Monster Magnet: I love the themes of the songs, the guitar tones and the weird, ethereal vibes they create while still keeping everything very listenable and upbeat. Plus, Dave Wyndorf is fucking badass.

What’s next for Evol Walks through the end of 2019?

Leah: We are releasing ' Death of Me' on August 30th and then hit the studio with Brian Howes next week to work on our new EP! We have a few shows booked, 22nd September @ Doll Hut, Anaheim, September 24th we have a free show at The Viper Room and then we head out to Vegas on October 5th. Keeping busy until 2020 hits!