PREMIERE: Jae Alexander Drops Brand New 2-Track EP "2019 King of the New Jack Swing"

Jae Alexander is a talented R&B singer/songwriter and former Air Force active duty veteran. A Maryland native, Alexander was a 2019 nominee for "Best RnB Artist" via Wammies DC and a nominee and recipient of the 2018 T.A.A "Male Vocalist of the Year". Alexander has collaborated with MK Beatz AGAIN, (yes, AGAIN) to create music like nothing on the market right now, Jae Alexander exudes musical talent with his brand new 2 track EP, "2019 King of the New Jack Swing" creating the hard-hitting production from start to finish. From track number one "LookOut" to track number two "PurpleRain", Jae's energy and musical flavor are unmatched.

Taking the industry by storm, Jae Alexander makes the absolute most out of every single second of this two and a half minute release that is “LookOut”. Leading with a clear variety of flows and ideas, the track impresses from the offset and continues to keep you interested and captivated right the way through. The nostalgic 90’s R&B aura is genuinely unique and calmly confident enough to grab your attention. “LookOut” is a song with a specific intention and sentiment within its story-line. Jae Alexander leads with this at every step, keeping his bars poetic and personal, reflective of a hard-working, driven creative. “LookOut” is entertaining, and Jae Alexander always finds the right way to present his best self and the details of his underlying concept. As only half of the EP "2019 King of the New Jack Swing", “LookOut” is definitely a strong introduction track. I highly recommend you check out track #2 “PurpleRain” and stay on the lookout for more from Jae Alexander and MK Beatz!

Listen to "2019 King of the New Jack Swing" here and keep scrolling for more with Jae Alexander

Welcome back Jae Alexander! Congrats on releasing your new EP "2019 King of the New Jack Swing"! What’s the overall concept you’re trying to achieve with this release? 

The overall concept I am trying to achieve is showing the versatility and diversity within in the music I create. As well as giving just good music a chance to win again. The artists winning at every level in the industry today cannot be boxed to one style. I want people to know that about Jae Alexander

Your track “LookOut” has an extremely nostalgic sound to it. What draws your interest to the sounds of 90’s R&B? How do you manage to spin it and make it refreshing and modern? 

Growing up in the era of the greatest music ever made was a blessing. Those sounds and dynamics are not instilled in me naturally. The way we spin it musically is through production collaboration. This project not only features production from MK Beatz but also Kid Exclusive, along with myself we aim to find the perfect mix and bounce those ideas off each other that will keep the music marketable.

Can you dive into some stand-out lyrics within your EP "2019 King of the New Jack Swing"? Why do you feel they are the most impactful? 

“Baby let’s take our time, tryna make sure that we get it right, but your so damn enticing to me” This is one of my favorite likes from “LookOut” because its naturally so true. These days I know people can relate to WANTING to do things one way in a relationship, but then DOING things a completely different way because they couldn’t help themselves. I just find it extremely relatable.

What do you think sets you apart in mainstream music today?

My sound is what I know no other person can possess. My creativity musically is beyond unique, the ability to adapt to and find my sound in any music put in front of me & the simple fact I sound the same on track as I do live is a big plus too.

Can you give us any indication as to what’s next for you? Any upcoming collaborations or new visuals for us to look forward to?

Honestly, I am not sure. More music is coming yes, more visuals of course, I would just say prepare for my independent sophomore album “Alexander The Great”coming end of 2019 beginning of 2020.

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