Prepare for the Heartstrings to Be Pulled From From Bubba McCarthy in “Forever’s Not Long Enough"

We are here today to highlight the talent and work of, Bubba McCarthy. This UK based artist has credits for major artists in living and studio, corporate advertising, and television that includes the critically acclaimed X Factor, as a musician, producer, and songwriter. Bubba recently signed a publishing deal with chart-topping singer/songwriter John Newman and has come out with the acoustic version of “Forever’s Not Long Enough” and we are completely in awe from this.

“Forever’s Not Long Enough” is an incredibly beautiful emotional experience, the piano, and the vocal solo is full of so much raw emotion that we found ourselves tearing up while listening, it’s a stunning listen. The performance from John Newman is something that digs deep into your heart, the way his voice breaks from his emotions hits you really hard, but in the best way possible. Especially in lyrics like “There are over 7 million songs but there’s only one I want” John brings out the best of his abilities to deliver a dynamic performance that feels like an emotional rollercoaster that slowly trickles down to a beautiful cadence at the end “Forever’s Not Long Enough”. This is definitely one of those releases that you will not want to miss out on.

You can find “Forever’s Not Long Enough” here.