Prepare to Get Emotional When You Hear Julian Sameshima’s Charming Love Song

Singer-Songwriter Julian Sameshima is from Berkeley, California, and has been creating music since his high school days. The black and Japanese artist covers genres like pop, hip hop, and R&B, and enjoys producing his music as well as writing and performing. After moving to Houston, TX, Julian has been focused on growing his music career and creating his own sound.

The latest single “Tell Me What You Like” by Julian Sameshima was released this past August and is a soothing blend of pop and R&B, with light guitar and synth beats complimenting the serine vocals. It starts off slow with guitar, and as the vocals come in more life is brought into the song, still keeping the delicate atmosphere.

“Tell Me What You Like” makes you feel calm and peaceful, easy to hum along to with your eyes closed, and just feel the emotion in the music.

Julian sings and describes what he would do for the person he loves, essentially telling them that he would do anything to make them happy. Overall, it is a sweet song encompassing a feeling of real love that everyone strives to feel. “Tell Me What You Like” is short and sweet, Julian’s vocals flowing through the track with his affectionate lyrics. Make sure to keep an eye out for more from Julian Sameshima.

Hello Julian and a warm welcome to BuzzMusic. “Tell Me What You Like” has such a tender message, do you find it comes naturally for you to convey raw emotion into a song? Do you have any particular way you approach songwriting?

Thank you so much! It is natural for me to convey my raw emotion into the song. Sometimes even better than I can in person. I approach songs in many different ways. I may have the lyrics first, the idea, or the beat, or the guitar riff but I let it come naturally.

Has your music taste evolved since first began learning how to produce? Where do you see your sound going in the future?

My music taste has definitely evolved. Now I listen to smooth jazz, 80’s retro music, pop, Japanese artists, and many more. I have really broadened my music taste. I see my sound touching many genres and vibes in the future. I am versatile and I like to incorporate all my influences and make all kinds of music.

How have you found the music scene in Houston? Do you find there are lots of opportunities to grow as an artist?

The music scene in Houston is okay. Honestly, I feel there are opportunities everywhere you just have to make them. 

Do you have any new releases planned for the rest of 2020? How have you been spending your time and creating music amidst the pandemic?

I do have a few more songs I will release this year! I am recently working on a new project but that will not be until 2021. I will release another single end of September or early October depending on when I am cleared with BMI. Amidst the pandemic, I have been continuing my production, learning more difficult guitar songs, writing, and recording. Also listening to songs I have never heard before to broaden my taste. I shot a music video 2 days ago for a single in Houston. Now I am back to work but music is an “all the time” thing for me.