Prepare Yourself For The Beaming Vocalism Of Janelle Sy'mone In "That L.O.V.E"

Janelle Sy'mone will be the artist to make non-Soul lovers fall in love with the genre! We're convinced that Janelle Sy'mone is the next biggest thing to present itself in the music world! Her powerful and entrancing vocals can't go unnoticed with any listener, and she is almost incomparable to any artist we've heard before! Janelle's authenticity and utmost grace shine off of her with such radiance, and we know our BuzzMusic listeners are in for a treat with this artists' new music!

Striking guitar riffs are what we're introduced to almost immediately with Janelle's track "That L.O.V.E". Right after, you'll be emulsified in Janelle's compelling vocalism, holding the very essence of Soul/Funk! We're loving the energy she's able to pour off into her song. As listeners, her eccentric persona is infecting, and our moods are instantly uplifted when listening to "That L.O.V.E". As a CMA award-winning artist, we're not surprised at all with the level of talent Janelle can showcase with her music. Her sound is intense and overwhelming in the absolute best possible way. Janelle's voice alone is what makes the track stand out. She reminds us of old-school Soul singers, but with her contemporary flare. This contemporary flare stems highly from the overall production, which is crafted incredibly meticulously. You'll have to give a listen to Janelle's latest track to experience such a wide range of vocal dynamics!

Discover Janelle's latest release here, and continue reading for our interview with the artist!

Hey there Janelle! We appreciate you taking the time to allow our readers to get to know you more as an artist! Can we start off by asking how the music world has been treating your latest single "That L.O.V.E"? 

I’m getting a lot more love than hate, I can tell you that! [laughs] But I must admit, I was quite fearful about releasing such a different sound than what others were use to hearing from know...I’m the RnB chick, and this felt more like  ‘pop’, but I heard the beat and the song came to me instantly. I just couldn’t let it go. But so far so good. This song is actually doing a bit better than some of my previously released RnB songs, so maybe there’s something to it. Thanks to everyone who’s viewing, streaming, sharing and loving it!! 

By now you've had to have been told this numerous times, but we must comment on the insane vocal dynamics you possess! Wow! Did this talent come naturally to you, or did you craft your sound over time?

Wow! Thank you! Thank you! My sound....we’ve had a very love-hate relationship. I grew up in a time where we appreciated diversity in music, artists like Toni Braxton, Anita Baker and Whitney Houston all had these very distinct and memorable voices.  But in 2019, I think we’re all looking to “catch a vibe” and we lean more towards soft and airy and my voice is anything but soft and airy. I remember, I would hold myself back a lot trying to sound like what’s popular, but my voice just kept getting deeper, raspier, bigger and more different and I hated that at one point.  I’m just now growing to appreciate it because I don’t think I sound like anyone else, but I guess it all came naturally. It’s my voice and it refuses to let me decide who and what it’s gonna be. I find it funny that most times I can’t even listen to myself around others, but in secret, I play my moments back and I say to my voice, “You’re just growing into your own lane, aren’t you?  That a girl!”

Is there an integral message embedded within "That L.O.V.E" that you can share with our readers?

Yes, there is. I wrote this particular song during the infancy of the  ME TOO movement. After hearing all of the stories on the news, reading the articles, watching the documentaries and stories on YouTube, I decided to write a song that reminded women of their glory, but also warned them of the fantasies that quickly turn into harsh realities. Women are not as protected as we should be.  I’ve been cat-called, pursued aggressively and had my personal space and body violated. So I know that fear all too well. Men frequently have the privilege of walking into public spaces while not having to worry about being sexually assaulted. But make no mistake, this experience is not just isolated to just women, but statistically, this happens more to us than any other demographic. I want women to be safe. I want women to listen to the messages of wise women and pay attention to that voice in the pit of their stomach that tells them...WARNING. If you’re going out— Drink and act responsibly. Bring someone with you that you trust. Be mindful of yourself and your surroundings—because some people are looking to steal and take things from you that you’d never accumulate enough money, status or wealth to afford back. It’s your’s your blue’s your moonlight. Cherish it and be careful with it.

Your artistic persona is filled with absolute electricity! Do you find you maintain this personality when you aren't performing/recording?

Thank you! I’m living for these compliments this morning. But personality is HUGE and it transcends the stage. At the end of one of my favorite quotes my Dr.Angelou, she said, “People will remember how you made them feel.” This sentiment is super important to me because it’s my job to make you feel something when I’m on that stage. That electricity starts with your curiosity but ends with our connection.But then  It’s also my job to be that same force when I’m just the homegirl, the friend, the sister, the auntie, the daughter— I gotta be able to bring my full self to every table and I hope and pray people fell comfortable enough to live in that space with me as wholly and fulfilled as possible to just be themselves and feel at home around me.

It was great talking about your latest single! Do you plan to release any new music in the near future, or even possible shows you can tell our readers about?

Ahhhh, thank you!! I really appreciate BuzzMusic for building a platform for indie artist to be discovered and spotlighted. I’m just so thankful and grateful for this opportunity!  And yes... I’m currently in the studio working on an EP called “Hurts Before it Heals”. This has to be the most vulnerable I’ve ever been with my music. I have my new video, “Prelude to Closure” coming out in early November and that’s one of the most difficult songs that I ever had the pleasure of writing, but I digress, I’ll be performing at the Pinhook in Durham, NC on November 18th at 8pm as well as the Raleigh Convention Center on November 16th as a musical guest for  Inkspired and tickets for both shows  are on sale at Eventbrite. Thank you again BuzzMusic for having me. 


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