Prepare Yourself to Be Serenaded by the Intoxicating Rocker, Jimmy Villa

Coming to us from sunny Los Angele, this experienced rocker is paving his way by combining his signature rocker style, extravagant performances, and inspiring lyrics.

Jimmy Villa's latest single "Traicionera" sees Jimmy honing in on those signature rock vibes while incorporating his vibrant persona and an edgy new wave of sound.

"Traicionera" begins with a chugging acoustic guitar and a plucking mandolin that beckons your dancing feet into the song. Jimmy's voice is bathed in swag and harmony as he delivers his catchy Spanish verses with spice and pure bliss.

There is a groovy island beat turning up the heat on this fueled track, the tempo generated from the chugging drums will have your hips swaying along in agreement. The infectious acoustic guitar highlights Jimmy's smooth vocals verse for verse as the playful mandolin strums in the background, emitting cascading notes of sound. Its clear, Jimmy works through every element of sound, patiently honing in on each component to create this catchy track.

"Traicionera" is a polished piece of irresistible melodies that are bound to get you up and on the dance floor- whether that's your living room, bedroom, or patio "Traicionera" is the perfect summer hit.

Hello Jimmy and welcome to BuzzMusic. We loved your latest single "Traicionera". Can you start by telling us a bit more about the song and the meaning behind it? If you haven't had your heart broken, you will because we all do. Just as life and death are part of this human existence, the loss of love, whether through a breakup or through the loss of life will be in your future.  I wrote this song because I went through a very tough breakup, but I was tired of feeling so dark. I didn't want to do that anymore. I wanted to express this pain in a new manner. I wanted to create an uplifting vibe because sometimes it just feels good to dance! What is your favorite element in the song creating process? ALL OF IT! I love writing and rewriting a song, I love rehearsing it for the first time, I love performing it, I love recording it, I love putting my artistic imagery behind it...I am absolutely in love with music.  You have been part of a few groups in the past, what have you learned from being part of a group about performing and song creation? For almost two years, I have been a solo artist as compared to the other nine years, where I was involved in bands. In all the bands that I started, the challenge was always in aligning the different personalities to come together for the common goal. Not everyone has the same work ethic and not everyone is willing to actually do what is required from these big dreams. Yeah, you want people who believe, but you also want people that are willing to take big action. I also want to add that I didn't necessarily choose to be a solo artist out of my ego or because I thought I could do better...NO! This path I am on now feels like my destiny because it has taught me to have confidence, to trust myself, and it has helped me realize that the work and success previously were because I applied my passion into a relentless focus.  So now with my solo career, I am doing just that and God is blessing me. Being a solo artist suits you well, can you tell us how the transition has been for you coming from a collaborative group to an independent artist? It's been very easy actually. I believe that has a lot to do with how my work ethic was, is, and continues to evolve. I have no problems putting in the time, doing my due diligence, studying different arts, etc. because I am so in love with what I do. I have been working with this passion and work ethic previously so in transitioning into a solo career, I found my true freedom of expression. 

What can fans expect next from you Jimmy?

An unstoppable force of light. My mother recently passed away and it devastated me. It still hasn't fully sunk in because she WAS my heart. I have been inspired so much by my parents, who came to the United States from Mexico and did a damn good job raising my brother and I. My mother taught me through her actions how to love, how to give, how to work hard, and how to shine by always encouraging my big dreams. 

I have a duty now to live a life of honor because that's how she raised me to be. And she always believed in my big dreams, including my vision with music. So I will focus, allow myself to create, and put my best music out there. 

I will be releasing a new single soon and then will begin working on an EP, which I feel is my best music to date. 

Anyone who comes in contact with me, whether at a concert, at a gym, at a recording studio, or in the street will get my very best and will feel love.