Pretty Weird Blonde Takes You On a Journey Through a Macrocosm of Dance on "Love You in the Cosmos"

Pretty Weird Blonde is not your average Songwriter from the heart of Los Angeles. Although her story mirrors many who seek out the City of Angels on their mission to commit themselves to their creative campaigns, her stylistically diverse music doesn't.

Raised to develop into a multi-talented entertainer thanks to the songwriter notoriety, John Denver, she's been immersed in the concept of creative expression since her earliest years on this planet. Whether it's a devastating breakup song or a gloriously outlandish paean, Pretty Weird Blonde sings innately from the soul and seldom holds back in sharing her most profound ideas and passions. 

She's described her music as a blend between indie-soul and dance-pop, and her latest single, "Love You in the Cosmos," feels like an amalgamation of those two worlds; clandestine sonic particles assembled together to produce a super-charged dance single; with all the twinkling pads and bells that come appended to this electric artist's catalog.

Her trademark eclecticism and phenomenally captivating aesthetics are at the core of the spotlight on her latest single, and she takes every vantage point over her four-to-the-floor cadence, with a prismatic display of multifarious vocal harmonies that bounce between the voids of your minds like dark matter in space; perplexing, yet absolutely immersing.

"I just want to love you in the cosmos," she sings, her voice working in tandem with saturated synths and crunchy backbeats that festoon the entirety of her sonic journey; she's trying to educate the masses about love: an uncracked spell to humans. 

Throughout the bends between blood-pumping chorus, and infatuating verse, Pretty Weird Blonde seldom wavers in tune. With her pristine soprano buzzes like that of a coloratura, continually utilizing the energy diffusing from her punchy backbeat to garnish portions of her aural joyride with moments of unhindered bliss.

Halfway through, you arrive at the narrated bridge, where the Colorado-native sounds more like a blend between a martian and a cyborg, asserting: "humans, love is an energetic superpower, that you are not harnessing properly."

She croons and shapeshifts both in tonality and cadence, but it never takes away from the immersive experience; if anything, it does quite the opposite: pulling you further into the kaleidoscopic world she's designed.

Pretty Weird Blonde always finds a new and captivating way to promote her lyrically potent adventures, borrowing from the cornerstones of the past and cannon-balling decades into the future to produce a retro-futuristic swan-dive of an experience.

If you were to think 90s dance, with a touch of nostalgia from the 80s and a dusting of cosmic magnetism from high above, you would only be scratching the surface of what this budding artist is about. 

What was the initial concept behind "Love You in the Cosmos"?

"Love You in the Cosmos" was birthed at the moment… I didn’t actually realize the concept behind it until it had already blossomed into fruition. My producer, Johnra, and I decided to have a studio session during a full moon, just to see what kind of music would flow through.

He started building a beat, and I started freestyling lyrics that felt aligned with the vibrations of his beat. Before I knew it, I was singing about the cosmos and this idea that love could be harnessed as a super-power. The lyrics poured through like a river of honey, and by the end of the night, we realized that we had made a song that would not only make people dance, but also take them on a cosmic ride!

It’s really important to me to bridge the gap between our 3D reality, and the higher dimensions that we all have access to. I channeled lots of love and stardust into this song. Music can be used as a tool for radiating energetic frequencies –activating people’s DNA through sound– and I think that’s an aspect of this craft that has been lost in the mainstream. Did it feel imperative for you to release this song about love now during these uncertain times? Why or why not?

Yes, I absolutely felt an urgency around releasing "Love You in the Cosmos" during these times. My close friends and family who heard the first version of it claimed that the song’s message moved them for weeks after. Their feedback in combination with the fact that the song had literally just flowed through from the ethers, made it clear to me that it was the type of song that could truly help people on a deep level.

I wanted to give listeners a 3-minute escape into a dancing vortex of uplifting energy! I think there are only two real super-powers in this world – love, and fear. Right now, we’re living in a fear-mongering society, and our souls are suffering because we’re buying into the fear-based agenda. What some people might not realize, is that love is the only way to combat the ugliness of today’s world. I’m not talking love in a hoagie-pogie sense like “oh let’s all hold hands and sing kumbaya,” but love in the sense that it is an actual energetic frequency that allows us to access much higher states of being. If we were to shift our energetic focus from fear to love, as a collective species we could physically shift the energies on our planet and restructure our way of life for the better.

If Love You in the Cosmos helps even one person open their heart chakra and remember their soul presence as a divine being, then it has made a difference on this planet. Imagine if every musician was pumping their music with the 528Hz frequency of love…Imagine if audiences flocked to music and creative content that shifted their perspective from a fear-based lens to a love-based lens…What would our world be like!? I think artists have a duty right now to create from the heart and remind audiences to live from the heart. Spreading the message of love, light, and evolved consciousness is imperative to our existence as a species during these tumultuous times.

What sorts of emotions usually run through you during a recording session, and which ones can you remember being most prominent for your performance on "Love You in the Cosmos"?

I feel all the feels when I’m making music. My process is as simple as closing my eyes and absorbing the story that radiates from the beat. I write and sing whatever flows through, dependent on what the beat is evoking. This flow-state writing process involves being taken over by emotion every time. I’m empathetic to a fault, so whatever lyrics start flowing through me, I feel my body gets taken over with the relative emotions.

In a way, writing music is one big emotional purge… by the time I’m finished with a song, no matter what it’s about, I feel lighter in energy. The emotions that were most prominent while creating "Love You in the Cosmos" were that of wonder and excitement. I felt overwhelmed by a childlike sense of wonder because I was discovering a style of music that I had never before experienced, and it all felt so new and electric. I was simultaneously overwhelmed with excitement for similar reasons – I felt like I was experiencing this intergalactic message flowing through me and I had no idea where it was coming from! After every take, I would look at my producer with this sense of shock-like “I DON’T EVEN KNOW WHERE THAT JUST CAME FROM!” "Love You in the Cosmos" is unlike anything I’ve ever done before, and it was a wild experience feeling it flow through as if I was accessing another dimension. What inspired the cosmic aesthetic behind "Love You in the Cosmos"? Do you think this style and atmosphere will become common-place in your upcoming music?

I’m very vocal about feeling connected to star beings from another dimension. Ever since I was a kid, I’ve felt like I was from another planet. I first had contact with a specific group of higher dimensional beings in my early 20’s and have cultivated my ability to connect with them over the years. My whole persona as Pretty Weird Blonde is that I’m here on Earth to remind humans to expand beyond this 3D matrix. Thus, when I wrote Love You in the Cosmos, I knew I wanted to create an aesthetic for the cover art that would match my affinity for aliens and the cosmic realms.

My photographer and I ventured to an outer-worldly looking landscape, I dressed myself up like an alien, and we just started shooting these wild, intergalactic photos – you should have seen the faces of the passer-byers, they thought I was crazy! I edited the final cover art for the song to embody the idea that humans are also cosmic beings that are in constant connection with the higher realms whether we realize it or not. This cosmic aesthetic will definitely be an ongoing theme throughout my future releases. I’m on a mission to create a genre of “inter-dimensional” music, in which sound will become a journey into other dimensions.

"Love You in the Cosmos" was totally experimental, and now I have a good starting point to move forward with this cosmic theme. Of course, not all of my songs are always going to be alien oriented, but it’s important to me to make sure that all of my music embodies this idea that we are so much more than this physical reality. I hope to do so in a mainstream way that will still garner the interest of audiences without coming across like “spiritual fluffy shit,” which I think is the disconnect these days because a lot of sound journey music can also be…well, boring. My intention is to create pop songs that make people rock out and dance, while simultaneously connecting their subconscious to higher realms. If you could prefix "Love You in the Cosmos" with a few words that would make your intentions for this song exact and the experience for listeners more immersive, what would you say, and why? "Love You in the Cosmos" is a dancing vortex that will take you on a journey into higher dimensions by activating the cosmic power of your heart." I want listeners to treat "Love You in the Cosmos" as an interdimensional experience. This song can help people travel to the outer reaches of the universe solely by untapping the cosmic power of their hearts and mind. Though we are physical beings, we have the ability to journey into other dimensions through astral projection… which is only achievable when connecting with one’s own soul energy. "Love You in the Cosmos" is a musical tool to help listeners do just that – connect with their soul energy. All one must do is listen to the song and truly let themselves unwind into the cosmic vibrations – dance! Release the tension in your body! Let the music take you to another place!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

Oddly enough, all of the hardship and turmoil of 2020 is what has kept me inspired. I don’t view this year as a shitty year. I view this year as an incredible growth spurt for our species. For the first time in a long time, we’ve been having the tough conversations in our society that were previously buried in the shadows. We’ve had to take a good hard look at the pitfalls of our culture and pinpoint the many ways that our old system isn’t working anymore.

Yes, there has been incredible devastation and I’m not discrediting that, but when you think about it symbolically – we cannot restructure our way of life on earth if we do not first understand the error in our ways. As an artist, I feel more inspired than ever because all I want to do now is use my voice and my creativity to tell stories that will encourage others to view the current state of the world from a grander perspective. Like, what if humanity is on the precipice of an incredible future and right now we’re merely going through the painful contractions of a re-birth? What if the happenings of 2020 were necessary so that our future could be one of community and peace? Just thinking about it gets me excited. I want to stand on a rooftop and scream at the top of my lungs, “Hold on everybody! I know things seem scary right now but chaos does not have to be our narrative! Brighter days are on the horizon!”

I’m doing everything in my power, both as a musician and a filmmaker, to be a source of inspiration for audiences to remember their birthright as divine, cosmic beings. At the same time, I also use my platform to tell stories of empathy about these painful times. My song, Being Human, for example, touches on the fact that being human is fucking hard, and sometimes I wish I could just give up and leave the planet. I’ve quarreled with mental health for years and came very close to suicide a few years back, so I can especially relate to the hardship of how hard living on this planet can be. I think it’s important to use art to create camaraderie, reminding each other that we’re all human and we’re all just trying to survive the best we can. Part of being human is experiencing hardship… but that doesn’t need to be the end-all. A pearl needs grit, dirt, and sand before it is fully developed as a pearl… the same goes for a diamond.

We’re no different as humans…we need to find gratitude in these painful experiences because it’s these experiences that shape the evolution of our souls. There is light at the end of the tunnel, and I’m determined to inspire audiences to imagine how magical our future could be, rather than dwelling on how dark these current times are. Consciously staying in a place of love will make all the difference in a person’s reality. There are only two superpowers, after all, love and fear. Which superpower are you going to choose?