Prince Amine Locks You In With Sincerity With His Latest, “Doubted Child”

Prince Amine has the ability to draw you in with his talent and keep you there with his sincerity and rawness. With a firm yet graceful presence, he sings out his stories loud and clear and with this, you’re guaranteed to be captivated by every lyric on every track you listen to. Now having released his third album, “Doubted Child”, Prince Amine’s growth over the years has taken his art to the next level.

Working with producer Pierre-Luc Cérat on his album “Doubted Child”, Amine’s sound holds true to the roots of his style while continuing to develop his abilities throughout time. Prince Amine’s vocals could bring you to tears or provide the perfect soundtrack to your next house party, and that’s just the kind of versatility that leaves you curious about this artist. Prince Amine will always leave you wanting more.


Hey there, Prince Amine! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're thrilled to be highlighting your newest album, "Doubted Child!" Can you tell us more about some of the central themes and revelations you found to determine your process for this project?

I was mostly focused on expressing myself. From when I started writing in 2018 up until

summer 2019, I’ve been through so much and the passing of my close friend (brother) just

over flooded me with emotions. I knew I had to pour out stuff I’ve experienced and been

through or tell a story about someone else and put it to light.

You've been super consistent with releasing a new project every year. What have been your biggest motivators for your creative energy during the writing processes of your music?

My love for music hands down, but also my determination and belief that I will make it big

(inchallah). My father used to write poems and express himself that way so my way of

expressing my anger or happiness is through writing and turning it into music.

You speak about some exposed subjects in a few of your songs. How do you find the strength to open up about some of the revealed struggles you've expressed? Is it a hurdle or essential to your process?

Obviously there are details I don’t get into and I end up writing a resume of what has

happened especially when it’s family-related. I feel like it releases weight off my back and

then you feel bless. You just keep on keepin’ on.

Thank you for joining us, Prince Amine! It was excellent having you here! What are your plans for this year? Can we expect any singles coming our way this summer?

The plan is to hit the big leagues and yes don’t doubt the singles that’ll be coming after this

album. The level just gets higher and higher! I improve with every song I write and beat I

work on. Trust me, the heat will be on for quite a while with me! Much love to y’all for inviting

me back! More Life & Woo Out!