Breakthrough Artist: James Worthy Will Transcend Your Experience in Newest Album "Blu Leisure"

We're especially excited to be featuring James Worthy and his music on BuzzMusic. His sound is authentic and crafted in a meticulous way. As listeners, we can easily hear the elements of genuine craft. James Worthy has a new approach to the contemporary R&B music scene, which is one of the most alluring aspects of his music, and overall sounding. As a producer, James has a long list of working with artists such as Whitney Houston, Justin Bieber, Future, T-Pain, Jaden Smith, and 6lack. James transcends the listener's experience in his latest album "Blu Leisure" with finely tuned synths and assonance--one of our personal favorites off of the album: "How Many Times".

"How Many Times" is a contemporary blend of R&B and soul. James accentuates the listener's atmosphere by adding in a collection of synths that are incredibly cathodic. "How Many Times" flows naturally, and introduces an entirely new ambiance we haven't been exposed to yet. It's atmospheric and attuned in a very charming way. You'll grow to love the transitions he maintains, and especially the programming. The voice of James, blended with featured artist Tony Terry, makes for an ariel sensation. The two harmonize incredibly well with one another, which elevates our experience as a listener. We can confidently say that we sense the element of expertise within his overall execution. James Worthy offers fully embodied, a visionary adventure for his listeners, and we're undoubtedly intrigued to see what's next. We know that James Worthy is the type of artist to keep growing, ultimately elevating his music at every step within his career. We're staying tuned for what James Worthy is going to release next, and in the meantime, "Blu Leisure" will keep our curiosity satisfied.

Give a listen to "How Many Times" by James Worthy here.

Hey there James! Congratulations on your recent album release of "Blu Leisure"! Did your vision for the sound remain constant all throughout the curative/recording process, or did you find you changed around the perspective?

Thanks so much! My whole objective going in to create this project was to make a theme based body of work, but telling stories of experiences & things I've been apart of. The album name represents each song in unique ways. While recording I found myself scratching a lot of ideas to create new ones, which formed what you guys hear today.

We felt prominent ties to contemporary R&B within the second track off of "Blu Leisure, "How Many Times". Do you attempt to adhere to a specific genre within your music, or do you find you like to stray and play with multiple soundings?

Well, my music is based around R&B, but mixed with elements of other genres within Melody, Arrangements, & Sonics. I always like to experiment but in a way that makes sense to my core audience. 

The overall theme of "Blu Leisure" was incredibly polished and sleek. What would you say the intended theme of the album was, sounding-wise, and message-wise?

The meaning behind Blu Leisure was more so expressing Mood, Energy, Style, & Emotions. All in which each song embodied. I wanted the theme to be dark, but have a Mystic feel to it.

You've gained such a pivotal amount of experience working with some infamous artists! How do you think this experience shaped the way your current music is written and produced?

It was a blessing to have had the chance to collaborate with those artists featured on the project. If helped mold my mindset of how to arrange records much better than before.

Thanks, James for coming on BuzzMusic to talk about "Blu Leisure"! Where do you see the future direction of you and your music from here?

Thank You for having me. I see myself continuing to put out great music to inspire new music lovers. My next EP entitled "Kaleidoscopes" will be releasing the top of 2020 which I'm very excited about!