Profound Artist Lets the Listener Finish the Puzzle in His Music

Some people are really good at making you think. Profound Artist is one of those types of artists that will, in fact, make you question everything that you know. The music that Profound Artist creates can be considered to be half a rap and half a preach. It is masterfully crafted to feel like an authentic positive experience that encourages you not to let other people’s negativity bring you down. We couldn’t help but notice this in his latest release “Dripping Sand,” both Profound Artist and Eric C deliver top of the world-class bars that perfectly sit above the esoteric production of hip-hop and jazz fusion.

Looking at its core, Profound Artist’s music is a puzzle, and it is up to the listener to put the final pieces together and truly realize what the bigger picture is. Trying to not stick to one style and drawing in influences from a wide range of musical icons. Every single release from Profound Artist has its own unique sonic identity that genuinely makes his discography a dramatic experience to listen to. Right now, Profound Artist is working on creating a new album, we’re unsure when exactly it will be laid upon our ears, but we are sure that when it does, it will have our full attention.

You can find “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)” here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Profound Artist! Your recent single “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)” has a very dynamic feel, from serious lyrics to a mellow jazz beat. Could you expand on your creative process when writing/recording “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)”?

Yeah so I actually was home and I got the urge to make some music. I literally made the instrumental and wrote my verse in a span of 2 hours. When inspiration hits you, you gotta take advantage of it. So I recorded my verse and sent it to Eric C. And a few days passed and I had his verse done. It was as easy as that.

Within Profound Artist’s and Eric C.’s verses, you both deliver pristine flow and layered bars. Could you elaborate on the meaning you wanted to deliver with “Dripping Sand (feat. Eric C)” as a whole? Like I usually do in my songs, I wanted to turn the mirror and put it facing the world. I wanted people to understand some of the things they do or watch and how it might poison their minds and their soul among other things.

Speaking on Profound Artist’s discography, you have a variety of songs and provide different beats and instrumentals within each one. How do you think your music has grown over time, and are there any standout releases for you? Yeah there's a lot of variety in my music and in my beats. I try to come up with a different vibe each time and I think you see that with each release. Also, my music has grown up I find. My music was not what it sounded like now and the way I am going, I'm only gonna keep improving.

In regards to your overall delivery, Profound Artist is said to let his audience think outside the box with each bar. How do you create and write rhymes that tie conceptual layers within? Honestly, I've studied flow patterns for years so it's all of just putting the exact words at the right place so that my point will get across as I want it to. It's almost like a puzzle to me. And again I usually just write what I am thinking or feeling at the moment so the words flow very easily

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? More music. I might be dropping an album this year. I'm halfway done with the recording process. Some tracks that you guys have heard such as Lose My Mind and Pressure are on going to be on the album and some others I'm keeping them in the vault until the album drops. So stay tuned for that. I'm also going to be producing a lot of tracks for several artists that I regularly work with. So also stay tuned for that.