Prophete Falls For “Melo”

Raised in Haiti, Prophete takes the most exciting elements of that music breeding ground in “Melo,” his new single full of afrobeat sounds and tons of flow.

Daniel Prophete is a son of the Caribbean. The sea, the sun, and an incredible variety of music from Africa, Europe, and America are part of him. Prophete has dedicated his life since 2016 to studying and creating music. Now he uses his exceptional talent as a singer, songwriter, and producer to reflect that richness with his craft.

“Melo” is one of Prophete’s most fantastic works and a collaboration with Z The Vibe Doctor. Together they created this song full of beach vibes. “Melo” gets in your mind and limbs from the moment you hit the play button. The guitar and wind instrumentals blend perfectly with the euphoric but chilling drums.

Diving into “Melo” starts with two electric guitars, one playing a blissful figure while the other accompanies it with high and energizing notes. Prophete's vocals are melodic and inviting as he sings about how amazed he is for a girl that seems like the black Mona Lisa. The track has an extra dreamy touch thanks to Saxo and xylophone notes.

“Melo” is the song you want to listen to when you want to wash away all heaviness and uplift your spirit. Prophete and Z The Vibe Doctor managed to create an overall sensual ambiance that envelops your senses while you can’t help but at least move your head gently with the beats.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Daniel Prophete, and congratulations on your latest release, "Melo." How did you decide to collaborate with Z The Vibe Doctor to make “Melo?"

We’re long-time collaborators. Sent him the beat, and he wrote the lyrics and melody with me in mind. I liked his delivery, so we ended up singing it together.

What was your inspiration behind “Melo?"

The inspiration for "Melo" was my girlfriend. It’s pretty self-explanatory, she’s a Haitian woman, and she came into my life when I thought I’d be a bachelor forever and shook up my world. I originally had a different hook which I wasn’t a fan of, so I made changes and came up with the rhyme Melody with that melanin.

What was the most rewarding moment of making “Melo?"

Finally releasing it after being delayed by a couple of months.

Is “Melo” a specific person or an idea born from the sensuality of music?

Born out of the idea of his girlfriend.

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