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ProphiSee Is Shooting for the Stars and “Shawty We Can” Is a Step Along the Way

“The moment [of inspiration] was putting a couple of stories together that I have been through in my life and just letting the wordplay explain it all,” says the New Jersey-born and bred ProphiSee of the alluring single “Shawty We Can.” The burgeoning artist raps his way through lulling vibes of angelic synths, tantalizing hi-hats, and weighty drums while his highly captivating persona has listeners gravitate towards him. Showcasing a perfectly concocted blend of his lyrical dexterity and radiant character, this record is a stitching of lived experiences intertwined with slick rhyme schemes and undeniable danceability. You’ll hear how his sound is influenced by artists like Lil Wayne, Polo G, Mick Jenkins, and Biggie Smalls, while his uniqueness has been tweaked along the way. Picking and choosing the side of himself he wants to show his fans at the time, his outside-the-box thinking can be thanked for the creative juices flowing in abundance like in “Shawty We Can.” Noting that the sky is the limit, ProphiSee pushes himself to stay at the top in cutting-edge ways that challenge him and please his audience. With a mission to become a legend, he’s a name you’ll want to remember.

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