“Psychic” By Idarose Is Dream Synth Pop From A New-Age Hopeless Romantic

Singer/songwriter and producer Idarose has never been genre-bound. She has a knack for helping new artists develop their sound. Idarose composes music for film, and is currently writing a full length musical. Through these endeavors, Idarose has been discovering the musical gestures that truly reflect her artistry. With an ear for the sophisticated harmony of film music, an aptitude for theater-esque storytelling, and a hand in the pop world, Idarose has begun to carve out her own sonic space and craft her enchanting sound. It was evident from an early age that Alexis Idarose Kesselman looked at the world a bit differently. She would later learn that the colors she saw in her mind when listening to music came from a combination of perfect pitch and synesthesia.

“Psychic” is the latest Idarose song we’re bumping on repeat. When Idarose’s vocals open up in “Psychic”, her tone is mesmerizing, equipped with breathy verses, she sounds every bit her own vocalist. A catchy melody rumbles and drives right through the heart of this song, insistently underpinning the satisfying chord changes that refuse to be ignored. It’s clearly been loved and there’s buzz and warmth and bubbly synths at the edges, too. The song feels like it’s breathing as it takes you on a journey through the motions. We are granted a rich listening experience that flies in the face of the meaningful lyrics that deal with concepts of love and desire, and is built up with a clever backing vocal arrangement which all drives to a satisfying broken-down outro. Based on the passion and commitment demonstrated within Psychic”, I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Idarose! 

Listen to “Psychic” here and read more with Idarose below! 

Hi Idarose! Tell us more about your new single “Psychic”! What inspired it?

Once upon a time (back in December), I was seeing this guy and I was feeling really unsure about the whole thing. I liked him, but part of me felt like it would never last, almost like I had this inclination it just wouldn’t work out. One day after we hung out, I was brainstorming some lyrics and I wrote them down in my notes app. I got home and came up with the concept of being a psychic and being able to predict that it wouldn’t work out. After writing a draft of the song, I actually showed my mom - she liked the song, but told me I should be more optimistic about my situation so I changed the lyric from “baby I’m a psychic” to “baby I’m no psychic.” Funny enough, the guy situation did not work out, but I did get a song out of it.

What do you aspire to achieve as an artist?

I really want to pave the way for other female artists to feel in control of their own projects. The process of creating “Psychic” was so fulfilling for me because I was truly leading every aspect - the writing, the production, the mixing, the branding, etc. I’d love to inspire other women to unabashedly make music and to demand to be in control, because our opinions matter.

What do you hope your listeners take away from “Psychic”?

It’s funny - I wrote the song about one guy, but the song has applied to a few other situations I’ve gone through. At its core, “Psychic” is about being at the start of a relationship and having absolutely no idea where it’s going - it’s exciting because it could be the love you’ve been waiting for and it’s scary because it could be another heartbreak. We find ourselves stuck in the “in-between” (the late night-can’t sleep-heart beating out of chest feelings) because we have to go through it, there’s no other way.

Do you have any upcoming events or shows you’d like to talk about?

Just moved to Los Angeles, so not yet - but once I get settled, hopefully will have some shows coming up!

What’s next for you!? We can’t wait to hear more!

I’ll be releasing lots more in 2019, maybe another single in October leading to an EP very soon!

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