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Punk-Rock Band, Dirtycakes Bring a New Twist to Alternative Music

Dirtycakes is a Punk-Rock trio that consists of vocalist Charley T, bassist Rick Torres, and drummer Becky Wreck. Three days after the band formed, they were already playing 25-minute sets – that’s how they knew they were meant to create Dirtycakes.

If there’s one thing, Charley, Rick and Becky can ultimately agree on, its that they will never sacrifice the heavy-hitting aspects of Rock music. Taking the best elements of traditional rock and mixing it with their own flavors of punk and psychedelic is what they do best. With their mind-shattering guitar riffs, intense drumming, and passionate vocals, Dirtycakes always keeps their fans up on their feet and dancing. One of the greater qualities of the group is each members’ individuality. The group Dirtycakes mentioned that each member usually ends up identifying differently to each group idea, which is what allows their music to be so original. Fans will be overjoyed to hear that Dirtycakes as an entire album in the works, and we’re so excited to hear what it’s like.

Read our exclusive interview with Dirtycakes, here.


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