Putting The Spotlight On YsL Milli And His “2 Face” Interview

Eccentric New Yorker and outright original artist YsL Milli dropped his rap-inspired track, called "2 Face." The track came at a time in YsL Milli's life when he felt incredibly somber, full of all types of emotions. Wanting to share his experiences in the hopes that others could resonate, YsL Milli continuously proves himself to be a thought-provoking, emotion-filled artist that has an incredible amount of experiences to divulge.

During his BuzzMusic interview, YsL Milli admitted that the real hope he had upon debuting "2 Face" was that his listeners would understand him more elaborately, one with real depth. He's wanting his audience to know that none of them are ever alone in being alone, and that genuine things are always to come.

Produced by Malloy, "2 Face" came about during some tough times for YsL Milli. He shares that the inspiration for the song mainly came during a point in his life when he felt completely alone and in a negative mental space. Rising up and manifesting his next chapter, YsL Milli is hopeful that his music will emerge and make a real impact through his projected life story.

If you're wondering what's next for YsL Milli, the rap artist plans to make some real waves on social media platforms such as TikTok. With another album in the works, YsL Milli is also getting ready for some serious noise of his own and a potential tour. Whatever he does next, we'll indulge as always.

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