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Pyschocide’s Back And Better Than Ever With Their New Release, “Toxic”

The LA-based outfit pulls out all the stops on their new, rock-tinged spin on the pop classic.

On a fateful night in New York City during the cold winter of November 2012, the musical stars aligned for Psychocide’s creation. Fuelled by Jack Daniels and Notting Hill Bin 808 red, conversations flowed freely. Following some unguarded conversations and the strums of a Yamaha F-310p acoustic guitar, the accidental birth of “Street Named Desire” took place, marking the inception of something extraordinary. Known for playing with an infectious freeness that’ll have you on your feet in no time, Psychocide’s sound feels both enticing and limitless.

Eager to share their music with the world, Psychocide set their sights on Los Angeles, but fate would have other plans. Following a wild stop in San Diego that nonetheless resulted in self-realization, the album “Alcohol & Bad Decisions” was birthed, an impressive project in its own right. Having somehow ended up in Montreal, Canada instead after their San Diego stop, the band enjoyed three more successful years before nonetheless disbanding in 2019. However, they’ve risen from the ashes to once again bless us with good music, and there’s no telling where they’ll take us this time.

“Toxic”, Psychocide’s latest creation is a wickedly delicious spin on the iconic Brittney Spears pop classic. Masterfully flipping the familiar instrumentals, Psychocide’s cover includes wicked guitar riffs and an edge that goes perfectly with lyrics like “With a taste of your lips, I'm on a ride / You're toxic, I'm slippin' under” and “With a taste of a poison paradise / I'm addicted to you”. With infectious charisma oozing from the vocals as well, Psychocide’s “Toxic” cover may sound unfamiliar but you’ll be vibing to it in no time.

With an infectiously free sound that belies the fun Psychocide is able to have while making their music, it's easy to get swept up in their rockstar pace. Keep an eye out for Psychocide’s new release “Toxic”, out June 30th, and be sure to check their other releases out on all major streaming platforms.


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