RØSE Gives Us A Refreshing Sound In "FØUND"

We absolutely adore artists who are able to create an utterly tranquil atmosphere with their sound. In RØSE's recent music, he's able to fully capture that essence of tranquility. With influences such as Daniel Caesar and Sam Smith, you can expect RØSE's music to bring softer elements to such integral artists music. RØSE brings an incredibly honest aspect to his music, incorporating his most personal experiences into his lyricism, in order to authentically connect with his listeners. Creating stories through his music, RØSE inevitably curates an intimate experience for any listener. His latest music definitely doesn't disappoint, and we're excited to be featuring a more modern indie/soul sound!

RØSE gives us an unplugged, raw version of his sound in his latest single "FØUND". The track encompasses a soothing and tranquil melody, with the soft vocals from RØSE. There are points throughout "FØUND" where RØSE is able to interchange his vocal approach, which definitely is what creates that intriguing contrast. Being a more mellow song, "FØUND" is serene, and embodies a genuinely amicable presence. There's no doubt that RØSE is able to successfully integrate a variety of integral elements from genres such as indie, R&B, and soul. With more contemporary programming, "FØUND" is a transforming song that takes you on an intimate adventure as you listen. 

Check out "FØUND" here, and continue reading for our interview with RØSE!

Hey RØSE, welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you tell our readers what got you started in the music industry?!

Honestly, it was this weird mix of passion and depression lol. Coming out of high school I was essentially bouncing around jobs with no real direction or sense of hope. I was lost and numb and music and writing were the only realms that elicit any kind of emotion from me. After a monumental failure in my post-secondary career and some phenomenal heartbreak, I threw all caution to the wind and began learning how to use Logic X and started to think about how to take the leap.  

Congratulations on your recent release "FØUND"! How did the songwriting process differ from the recording process for this particular song of yours?

I produce and write everything I release, so the recording, production, and writing are all intertwined. if one changes, I have to reconsider changes in the other parts of the composition. In general, however, everything takes place in my bedroom. I'm hella broke. I get a melody in my head, hum the instruments and sing the hook to keep the central idea and produce around whatever mood the lyrics may support or contrast depending on the effect I want to achieve.

What would you say is the most integral message embedded within "FØUND" that you wanted to be communicated to your listeners?

"FØUND" is a song about defeat and loss; It's a confession of one's failures and a love letter to those who may not have made it because of their flaws while serving as a thank you to those who were left behind. I wanted to give warmth on a very cold subject and not sugarcoat it while doing so. Hopefully, the listener feels that warmth while listening in passing and when they really listen, when they really need it, they feel that warmth even more.

How would you describe the personal connection you feel with music? When did you know music was a calling for you?!

Suicide has gotten more prevalent in my generation and I'm no exception. I have many people to thank for me being here today but namely music and the many artists I listen to have all had a hand in "saving" me. I think ultimately that's the connection music has with almost everyone on this planet. It's why art is so important. And the music was an art form I could understand in its creation. I'm not a painter, or a sculpture or some prodigal classical artist but I can make music and if I can help someone the way I was helped then music was something worth growing and cultivating for me. Regardless if it's my calling or not.

We loved featuring your latest track "FØUND"! Is there any music in the works for you?!

Right now I'm working on a slew of track that kinda will slide on the R&B and rap genre line. The intimate R&B ballad "REFLECTIØN" comes out September 27th and a very dark and ghoulish dance track are slated for mid-October release.  You'll never find me all that boxed in. With genre-bending gaining more steam, I'm just gonna come out the gates not subscribing to any one lane.


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