R&B/Soul Artist Welz Debuts Her New Single "Trust Issues"

Emerging R&B artist Welz releases her very first track, titled "Trust Issues." When you first listen to the soundings of Welz, you wouldn't know she's debuting herself as an artist for the very first time. Her sound feels cultivated and shaped, and we hear such an enriched tone within her vocals. As an independent singer/songwriter, Welz extracts inspiration from everyday life. And we feel that sense of realness from Welz, especially with what she chose the theme of her first track to be. Right away we get an inside look at the way Welz heals, and how she chooses to take care of her mental state. Receiving this type of introspection from Welz already allows us to feel connected in very intimate ways to the artist.

We felt very attracted to "Trust Issues" right from the beginning of the first beat. Welz brings an extremely smooth sound to her song here but glides along with a heartfelt storyline of painful love. The melody is very laid back which is what primarily offers that lax environment Welz effortlessly brings for listeners to soak up. Once you begin following the storyline, you'll realize that Welz dives into the relatable feeling of having previous trust issues that can change the way you perceive future events. Welz gives us a refreshing perspective on what trust issues within any past or present relationship can really do to one's emotional state. She also explores the obstacles trust issues can bring about in other relationships, and the teaching process that must occur in order to heal from broken trust. We feel empowered by Welz and the inspiration she brings to her song "Trust Issues", in which we feel rejuvenated with a new mindset regarding faith, love, and trust.

Give a listen to Welz's track "Trust Issues" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Welz! Congratulations on the release of "Trust Issues", and ultimately on the debut of yourself as a music artist! This entire process must feel incredibly empowering for you. Are you able to walk us and our readers through how you're feeling as an artist who has just released their first-ever single?

 I feel liberated, to be honest. I've been meaning to release music for a while now but finally got the courage to do so and I'm so so happy. I feel like now is the right moment for me to put music out, I know who I am and am comfortable with the type of content I want to put out. It's a reflection of who I am as a woman and I think people will relate to that. I mean, of course, it's incredibly nerve-wracking to put out a song especially if it's personal BUT at the end of the day, I just felt like what's the worst that could happen? It's not really about me it's about the record and what it does for other people. I've been getting a lot of positive feedback from my listeners so I think I made the right decision.

"Trust Issues" really dove deep into the emotional bearing past experiences can have on an individual, and how that individual handles life following hardships such as one impeding on another's trust. With "Trust Issues" being such a vulnerable and personal sharing, how did you feel writing and recording this particular track, considering the number of emotions that went into its upbringing? 

 To be honest it was more therapeutic for me than anything. As soon as I finished the song I felt better about where my mind was at that time. I always try to look at unfortunate situations and sort of seeing the introspective side. That's kind of how Trust Issues came about. It helped me take a deeper look in and do some self-evaluation on how I want to move forward when it comes to relationships, romantic or otherwise. Recording the track was super fun though, I worked with my friend Jong at his home studio so it was a super comfortable and organic experience.  

Knowing the authentic emotion that went into recording "Trust Issues", can listeners expect the same type of perceptive in your future music? Do you typically prefer to create songs that reflect the personal aspects of your life?  

Absolutely!! I'll always write about my experiences. Sometimes ill listen to a story about someone else and be inspired by that but ultimately I'll still write it in a song from my perspective. It's hard to fake to understand how someone else thinks or the emotions they went through inexperience but It can be relatable and I can write from my point of view based on my experiences as well.

Now that "Trust Issues" is debuted for all listeners to hear, where do you think you'll continue the development of your artistry from here?! Are you feeling inclined to create more new music, or are you going to take a break before the release of more content?    

Oh, I am definitely looking forward to releasing more music and doing live shows. That was kind of the plan, but since we can't do any live shows right now and I can't go to the studio :(, I'm just continuing to write music and record in my home studio. There's definitely more songs coming soon. I think now that I've released the first one I feel a bit more at ease and excited actually. 

What can we expect to see from Welz throughout 2020?

I really want to build my repertoire this year. Put out as much music as I can so that when opportunities for touring start to come, I have enough content out that people vibe with so they can come out to shows. There's so much more to come and I'm really excited to share with everybody.