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R.Black Transports Us Into A Whole New Realm Of Hip-hop With “We Are Young”

R. Black is a new, young and exciting Jamaican born artist/producer from Houston, Texas. Influenced by notable greats, ranging from Drake, Eminem, Lady Gaga , Kanye West, to Tupac and Biggie, R. Black has created his own unique sound he describes as “A strange hybrid of all the music that I really like, centered around Pop and Hip-Hop/Rap”.

R. Black released his newest single titled “We Are Young” and this trailblazing hit automatically has this radical introduction before the hard-hitting bass and electronic sound effect elements transitions in. He begins with an “Hello World” transporting you into the song before his eerie and idiosyncratic vocals strikes you alongside the rhythm of chord-progression. After his extravagant initiation of the listener, he begins to deliver a clean flow and delivery. “We are young” has an addicting hook that’s not only odd but hauntingly addictive. “We are young, dumb, and fun” delivered in a staccato delivery that matches the chord of his vocal tone. R. Black launched a unique spin onto hip-hop that gave me “halo” vibes and we loved every minute of it! If you’re longing for an artist whose different and goes against the grain of your typical radio hits, then you might want to check R. Black out!

Listen to "We Are Young". Check out our interview with R. Black below!

Hello! Can you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi, my name is Rodane but I go by the artist name of R. Black. I was born and raised in Jamaica but I moved to the Houston, Texas about 8 years ago to pursue a better life. I've been making music for a little over a year now and I absolutely love doing it!

Tell us about “We Are Young”! In your opinion, what styles and genres did you fuse together in this unique hit?

"We Are Young" is now my tenth single and it is a fusion of Techno, Trance, Hip-hop/Rap and Pop. It's really about breaking free from the norm and just having fun without overthinking it. The song also has themes about being young and involved in online culture.

What inspired you to create “We Are Young”?

When I made this track, I was conflicted on trying to incorporate my Jamaican roots while still trying to appeal to a wider audience. In the end, I just did what felt natural to me. I was inspired by feeling like an outsider, yet still comfortable in my own skin.

What’s your favorite element about “We Are Young” ?

My favorite thing about it is, the atmosphere it creates, it's aggressive and dark, while sounding electronic and lighthearted at the same time.

What’s next for you?

I plan on releasing as much music as I can this year and introducing my sound to as many people as possible. I'm not really out there yet, so promotion is at the top of my to do list.


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