RABArtist Radiates Raw Emotion In, "Why'm I High?" Remix

Hailing from the West Midlands, UK, Shane Gunnell, professionally known as RABArtist has always used his passion for music to grow artistically.

With his early exposure to music, RABArtist was attracted to urban music in 2007 when he started his career 2007 in a group titled, “Sumthin’ Special.”

After the group parted ways in 2010, RABArtist began to make music as a solo artist, under the name R.A.B. Going on to collaborate with music sensations Snoop Dogg and Bizarre, RABArtist later changed his name to what it appears as currently. Building his career as a singer, emcee, DJ, and music producer, this multifaceted creative believes that his music speaks for itself as it has the ability to express true passion.

Releasing the extended verse to his, “Why’m I High?” remix, we’re swarmed with gently toned instrumentation that is guided by enticing snare rim hits and somber keys.

Delving into the conscious essence of the hard-hitting lyricism that RABArtist displays, we are offered up a vulnerable presentation of artistry as we tap into the intrapersonal thoughts that are casting a shadow on RABArtist’s mindset. Pondering through themes of sorrow, pain, and death, we hear the strength ooze from the tonal distinction of RABArtist, as he provides listeners with a cascade of realism.

The mesmerizing visuals that have been released to accompany RABArtist’s, “Why’m I High?” remix allows listeners to get lost in the depth in the meaning of the words at hand. Through larger than life scenery of RABArtist can be seen standing at the top of a cliff, backing the ocean, with just himself and a microphone.

Placing more emphasis on the actual impact of each word trickling onto the beat, this particular single shies away from deluxe wordplay and places the focus on the message in the music. RABArtist proves to us time and time again that music is a blank canvas to paint your thoughts upon, and he is the maestro with the pen.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, RABArtist! Congratulations on the release of your, “Why’m I High?” remix. You truly allow your fan base to tap into your vulnerability with this song. How was the creative process different approaching this track, versus others that you have released?

This track is a true honest reflection of how I felt about losing family. It’s different because the first verse was written on the exact day my Aunt passed away, 20/4/20, and the second verse is about one of my Best Friends Colton Bryan who passed in July. 15/7/20. That’s why it’s so raw because I wrote it while grieving.

Could you please share a glimpse of what went into the vision of the music video? Did your visual plan turn out the way you had expected?

The visions for the video turned out exactly as planned, if not better. I and my content creator/ creative director knew about the location from previous shoots we’ve done near. We sometimes go to this spot to have a think and reflect on life, making it quite an intimate and personal location to us.

What non-musical and musical influences do you allow to speak into your work on a regular basis?

The influences I allow to speak on my work have to be known experiences. So either thing I've been through personally or know somebody close to me who has been through what I speak of. I always try to stay away from topics I’m not educated in, so literally anything from mental health to discovery, sports, social media. So quite a difference of extremes. From real-life problems that people are suffering with to the everyday common practice.

Going through events such as the ones you speak about in this song; how have you grown as an artist?

I think going through hardships really crafts the person you are today! Without these experiences, you wouldn’t have the same morals and standards. I think like an artist who lives music 24/7 you kind of become the person who you actually are without hiding behind the smoke and mirrors. Which in turn can leave you quite vulnerable, but I believe in being honest and real.

What can we expect to see throughout 2021 from you?

2021 I’m going to focus on writing more. You’re gonna be hearing some production from me and you might even see my face in a film or two. You know I’m not going to say 2021 is my year because I think it’s quite a cliche. So long as there’s progress and I’m helping just one person get through a tough time with my music then the dream is being lived.