Racayan Expresses Love's Bittersweet Taste With "Believe in Us (feat. Courtney Bennett)"

San Francisco's producer and songwriter Racayan teams up with singer and co-writer Courtney Bennett to release a highly relatable and vulnerable tune titled, "Believe in Us (feat. Courtney Bennett)."

Fresh off the release of his single "Deep End," Ronald Gacayan Jr. (Racayan) is aiming to capture the same vibes and atmosphere with his latest hit, "Believe in Us (feat. Courtney Bennett)." Doing this and more, Racayan delves deep into the sonics of R&B/soul and places incredible serenity across the song's entirety. Courtney Bennett captures immense passion with her delicate lyrics that stick around the listener's mind.

"Believe in Us (feat. Courtney Bennett)" begins with soft electric guitar melodies giving a west coast feel. As Courtney Bennett's soothing vocals appear, Racayan drops the soulful beat with a wide array of drum patterns and stunning vocal layering. Courtney Bennett's honest lyrics bring such a heavy aspect to the song, as she sings of repeating grueling cycles with someone who will always have her heart.

Around the hook, Racayan delivers soft and haunting strings with impressively intricate drum arrangements that push R&B's boundaries. Not to mention celestial synths that add a magical flair, Racayan has truly mastered passionate production with this track.

"Believe in Us (feat. Courtney Bennett)" brings this unrestrained passion that reaches out and shakes the listener with a sense of relation. Racayan and Courtney Bennett have outdone themselves with this soulful single, and we're hoping for more collabs in the near future.

Hello Racayan, and welcome back to BuzzMusic. When starting to create your single "Believe in Us (feat. Courtney Bennett)," what made you want Courtney Bennett to feature and co-write the lyrics?

Courtney is an amazing artist, I fell in love with her vibe and voice initially. She has this essence in her music that resonated with me. Then the more I listened to her, I started connecting with her lyrics and I fell deeper in love with her music. Her writing is so raw and vulnerable, it connects with you deeply, making you feel a way. So, it just felt right having her on “Believe In Us”.

Regarding your songwriting process with Courtney Bennett, what was it like co-writing such a vulnerable piece of music? Was the process equally split?

For this record, I had a vision of the overall vibe and idea. And there is this poem that I had written prior to making the beat, which I felt matched her essence of my initial vision for the song. After setting the foundation, I sent the poem to Courtney and just let her do her thing. I believe in her artistry so much, I just wanted her to have all the creative freedom. What she wrote was amazing, it was more than what I had envisioned and I only had one small line edit. It’s always good to see things manifest, especially when it comes from such a vulnerable place. Taking that vulnerability and turning it into making it into something people can relate to is a beautiful thing.

Your production and sonic arrangement within "Believe in Us (feat. Courtney Bennett)" is truly mesmerizing. Do you usually create such unique and intricate drum patterns within your songs?

Thank you, that means a lot to me. I take pride in doing subtle intricate things with my drum sounds and patterns, it creates a different dynamic to the record. Some songs are a bit more obvious than others, but I’m always crafting each song by paying attention to little details that add to the bigger picture.

Seeing as "Believe in Us (feat. Courtney Bennett)" brings this vibrant R&B/soul atmosphere, could you tell us more about how you achieved this? What was your production process like?

When I create I’m always channeling a feeling, so when making “Believe In Us” I was just trying to reverse engineer a feeling I get when I listen to 90s R&B music. When I produce, a lot of the time I’m just vibing out. I’ll light some sage, put a certain movie on mute, set the lights a certain color, and just start creating with the intent of capturing a vibe.

We've noticed that you tend to collaborate with other artists rather frequently. What's your favorite part of the collaborative process, and what have you taken away from these sessions?

I feel that collaborating is a huge part of creativity. Interacting is what we do as humans and with music the main goal is to connect, so when I create with another artist essentially what we are doing is capturing the essence of being human. My favorite part of collaborating is just seeing what manifests once to creatives vibe together.