Raheem Jamaal Speaks His Truth In “Looking At The World We Living In”

Raheem Skinner better known for his professional name, Raheem Jamaal is a 25 year old rapper and lyricist from Dallas,Texas. His dad and uncle put him on the rap music, by starting him off with the old school greats as in Run-DMC, LL Cool J, Salt N Pepper and many more! Growing up in a legendary era of rap music, Raheem was heavily influenced by the greats of the 90s, listening to Tupac, Biggie and NWA. Writing since he was 8 years old, Raheem used to write music that focused on money, cars and women, but as he got older he matured and fine tuned his craft. Raheem Jamaal now writes meaningful lyrics about the world today and real life experiences. Raheem dropped his EP called “Through My Eyez” which dropped  June 7, 2019 on all platforms. 

Raheem’s dope single “Looking At The World We Living In” is a retrospective track about Raheem’s outlook on the world today. The main message is that we need to spread more love and less hate, but at the same time we need to worry about ourselves and kids. “Focus on your own journey and keep improving” is a notable lyric because it holds so much truth. The strong lyrical presents throughout “Looking At The World We Living In” really showcases Raheem’s skills as a songwriter. His effortless flow and expert bars make this track that easy to vibe to but also demands that the listeners take in the heavy subject matter and important message, Raheem Jamaal has an outlook on life that’s wise beyond his years. We love what he has to say and we’re excited to see what he delivers next! 

Check out “Looking At The World We Living In” here and read more below with Raheem Jamaal.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Raheem! Can you tell us more about how your Dad and Uncle had an impact on you starting you musical endeavors?

My dad and uncle played a big part in my music, they showed me what real hip-hop was and how it started. I fell in love with the music, especially when it got to the mid 80s through the 90s, that's when everyone had a unique sound and thier own style.

“Looking At The World We Living In” has a very strong lyrical presence. What emotions and feelings did you have to channel when writing this track?

My emotions that I had were that I was kind of like a spectator, so basically I was just not channeling what I have been through, but what I seen others go through as well. I try to tell their side of the story, and be voice to speak out how they feel or we feel.

You have so many diverse influences, who would you say you draw inspiration from the most?

The person I draw inspiration from the most is Tupac. I draw from Tupac because he uplift the people, he speaks what he feels, and he's honest. Most importantly he has a connection with the people that some people don't have.

What theme can listeners expect from your EP “Through My Eyez”?

The theme that listeners will get from Through My Eyez is Honesty. I'm being honest and speaking what I see and how I feel. This Ep will not only have you look at the world different, but also have you look at yourself to see what you can change and how to be a better person. It's all about motivating, wanting to do better and get closer to GOD on your Journey to where you trying to go.

Do you have any upcoming performances or events you want to talk about?

Hopefully pretty soon, I would like to do a free concert for the people, hopefully this would be something special for kids and adults to come out to and enjoy themselves, and have fun.


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