Raisinbran Is Bringing Conscious Rap To Light Again With “2 Scoops”

Raisinbran is an independent artist out of the Indianapolis area. He makes hip-hop music that’s different from the mainstream. Facing tough circumstances growing up, he battled with his drug addiction since he was 12 years old. He uses his music as a way to spread positivity to anyone who may need a different perspective on life. His biggest influences range from God, Mac Demarco, Mac Miller, EARTHGANG, and Tyler The Creator.

It’s quite clear Raisinbran takes influence from these artistic creators because the measures of depth and dimension in his own music are so immaculate. We took a listen to the release of his single titled “2 Scoops” and what we really loved most about this track was how it represents the conscious rapper artistry that has recently taken over the industry in recent years. Raisinbran's lyrical ability is amazing and the articulation of each verse shows great skill. Hip-hop is probably at a peak right now and Raisinbran can undeniably represent the new aged wisdom. “2 Scoops” had a well-arranged beat that would set the vibe just right and serve as a foundation for the tone of the song. Raisinbran is a laid-back artist but you can tell he has what it takes to deliver strong dynamics through his music. “2 Scoops” is a vibe you don’t want to miss out on!

Listen to "2 Scoops" here and get to know more about Raisinbran below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Raisinbran! What’s the major lesson you received from the upbringing of Raisinbran that served you beneficial for your journey as an artist so far?

I would say that the major lesson I’ve received from my upbringing is to always have a reason or purpose for releasing music.

The name is pretty cool! We must say, however, what’s the story behind “Raisinbran”?

Haha thank you! My first name is Brandon and a lot of people started calling me raisinbran before I started making music and I would say my music could be described as healthy or good for you, just like a bowl of nutritious raisinbran.

Let’s jump into your music! You’re influenced by a wide range of exceptional and highly talented individuals. Who would you say is the main influence for your style as a rapper and why?

I would say that the main influence for my style as a rapper would be Mac Miller. He has this unique, jazzy, and relaxed style that I just love. R.I.P. Mac

What was the major theme behind “2scoops” and how does it relate to the meaning of your project “Abstract Thoughts”?

The major theme for 2 Scoops is that we need a little bit of knowledge and truth about the world we are living in. It is basically my theme song as an artist and it ties into the album by introducing myself to the audience and telling them what my music is about and also proving a little portion of my backstory.

How has the summer been treating you so far? Any plans?

Summer has been great! I plan to work like crazy and make music and art and grow closer to my fans and my creator. :)

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