RAIZEL Pours Her Heart and Soul on First Solo Track, "BTW"

Reigning from Los Angeles, Singer/Songwriter, and recording artist, Raizel immerses us in melodies that fuse together sounds of techno, pop, and EDM which she pairs with heartfelt lyrics and transcendent vocals, showcasing her artistic versatility in her intoxicating debut single, “BTW.”

This is the first single off of the forthcoming album, 'Space Ex.' This album will take you on a journey across a whole galaxy of emotions such as love, heartbreak, betrayal, revenge, and other human emotions deemed as unnecessary.

Not only is, “BTW,” a high energy pop anthem, it is also Raizel’s first song to date. It was written from text messages she had sent to producer and old friend, Kendra Celise about her recent breakup. The song was produced by Celise, David Pavluk, and I AM XNDR.

“BTW,” was released on October 16th, 2020 with a music video to accompany the rollout.

“BTW,” begins with futuristic elements in the beat that introduce a reverberated vocal glistening with a sparkle from Raizel. As the instrumentation progresses an up-tempo rhythm submerges us in all of the elements as they tie together. Raizel’s lyrics of heartbreak embrace a powerful and passionate side that complements the melodies in a graceful manner.

A wide vocal range showcased diversifies this vivid and lively track giving it multiple sides in just over three minutes of music. The repetition of a chorus so catchy, you couldn’t forget it if you tried, is truly intoxicating and we are graced with melodious harmonies as, “BTW,” proceeds to end. You can’t help but disconnect with your surroundings and connect with yourself.

With “BTW,” being your first solo single, how did you make the choice to shine the spotlight on this song first?

Thank you so much! When I wrote this song, it was during a time in my life that really changed me and helped me grow as a person. I was going through a really rough breakup at the time. I remember sitting in the writing room feeling so much pain but still hopeful for the next step in my life. “BTW” captures the struggle I went through and what so many others can relate to. It’s a breakup anthem. That’s why we chose it to be a single!

What is your favorite lyric from the song and why?

“But then I guess that you, can’t handle all this big dick energy” It’s iconic. I remember suggesting the lyric and everyone in the room laughed. I was like….guys...I’m serious. One of my favorite lines ever.

​What does “BTW,” mean to you and what would you like fans to take away from it?

I would want anyone listening to this song to know it’s okay not to be okay. The lyric “I am not okay by the way” literally takes the words out of my mouth. I listen to “BTW” now and I celebrate. This song means so much to me. It's like I documented my growth and every time I listen I take a moment to appreciate how far I’ve come.

​How did you come to reconnect with producer mastermind and friend, Kendra Celise?

I’ve known Kendra since we were kids. Our reconnection was so random. I saw Kendra in the parking lot at school and I gave her a crash course of everything that was happening in my life. She immediately told me that we should write together about it, and the rest is history!

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

My Music. I have been working on my album for 2 years and it's finally being released on New Years' Eve. My team and I are making finishing touches to the album, so the work environment is constantly keeping me inspired. We can’t for everyone to get the full experience of 'SPACE EX!' Till then keep a lookout for the next single “ATM” being dropped at the end of November on all music streaming services!