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raLf.mp3 Wants You to Just Hold On, "A LITTLE LONGER"

Residing in Copenhagen, raLf.mp3 is an artist who has spent more time on bedroom productions than his studies as a law student. Playing the piano for the past four years, raLf.mp3 has finally decided to take the plunge into releasing his debut single and show the world the creativity that has been brewing.

Getting his audience ready for the warmth of the summer heat, raLf.mp3 turns our attention to “A LITTLE LONGER.” Through an atmospheric realm that pulls you in and releases you like a gentle wave crashing, we get a striking exploration of encouraging expressions within the tantalizing hues showcased in the instrumentation.

As the vocal approach fixates upon heavily textured distortion and a reverberated chamber to act as its vessel, we can’t help but to mesmerizingly swim into the array of sounds as they blanket you in their laidback delivery. raLf.mp3 created “A LITTLE LONGER” in this newfound world that Earth has seen since the pandemic. Holding this piece close to his heart, he remains hopeful that his audience will pick up the notions of this tribute that goes out to those who have been holding on, and continue to do so in a time of uncertainty.

How raLf.mp3 can artistically express the essence of togetherness and compassion in his music is truly remarkable for a debut release. It holds a specific maturity in the way his creativity forms upon important subject matter, while he carries his art out with the same integrity he intended. We encourage everyone to get lost in the cascading flow of raLf.mp3 and take in the illuminating light that is guiding you through your tunnels and paths.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, raLf.mp3, and congratulations on your debut release of “A LITTLE

LONGER.” With your various experiments in bedroom production, how did you know that this specific song would be your debut? Were there any other contenders for this slot?

THANK YOU, guys, and thanks for having me. It's an absolute pleasure to be here. There were many other contenders for the slot, yes!! For the 4 years, I’ve spent as much time on my bedroom productions as I have on my law studies. I’ve always produced and played with the only purpose of creating and getting better and better every day- not with the eye of releasing music. So yeah, as you mentioned, there are many options and my library is starting to get huge. But there was just this special feeling about “A LITTLE LONGER” from the beginning of the creation on it. It is hard to describe, but it was actually quite easy for me to reach the decision, that this specific song should be my debut. The song is warm, the lyrics fit the current world situation (we need to hold on a little longer) and could be relatable for many.. also, the vibe is just uuuff. At that time the (April) summer was on its way here in Denmark, so when dreaming about people chilling in the sun to this song, it actually felt that releasing it was the only possible outcome for that project. Once I finished it, it was sent to my distributor for release.

Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process looked like when bringing “A LITTLE LONGER” to life? How long did it take you to complete this track?

For sure… Normally every project starts out with me just playing around on my keyboard. A LITTLE LONGER was actually an exception since the keys are sampled from an old recording of mine but from another project. The song consists of surprisingly few tracks and the simplicity of the song allowed me to complete the track in about a week. In general, when speaking of how long time it takes to finish a song, for me, it really depends on the project. Sometimes I’m overthinking everything and it takes weeks, and sometimes I get it going and creates a song in two days. I like both ways of working, and it comes quite naturally to me what kind of process it ends up being.

What are you hoping that your audience takes away from your messaging in the music you plan to put out?

We all know that absolutely beautiful feeling when listening to a new song you don't know, that just sweeps you off your feet. you feel it in your body, and you just can't stop listening. You feel good and you forget everything else. I dream of giving my listeners that beautiful feeling and make them forget everything else for around 3 minutes. And I hope that someone will integrate my music into their daily day, just like I do it with all of my heroes. There are no higher purpose, specific messages, or agenda. For me, it’s all about letting go of myself and my fears share what I create from now, and hopefully involve others in the process.

How will your forthcoming single, ‘Dazed,’ tie into this release?

I really think DAZED (listen here: will fit in well with the release of A LITTLE LONGER. Both songs are very patient, which is something I’m truly am a fan of. DAZED is a bit more bipolar and progressive. It kinda got to lives; where the first half is building you up and where everything melts together in the second.


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