Rap Artist Pierre Giovanni is Set for a Big Year In 2020!

Pierre Giovanni is a Kansas City, Missouri artist, producer, and songwriter. While he was just starting out in 2018, he began uploading his music on SoundCloud. Since then, Pierre has progressed efficiently as an artist, garnering over 600k plays on Spotify for his first release "Bad Intentions". Knowing the fate of one-hit artists, Pierre Giovanni didn’t allow his Spotify success to become a one-time moment for him. He recently just released his EP, titled "Toronto", which encaptures a soothing erotic and dark atmosphere. Pierre Giovanni takes inspiration from his biggest influences, The Weeknd, Travis Scott, Kanye West, Wondagurl, and Three 6 Mafia, in order to aid in shaping his artistic sound.

Pierre Giovanni’s sound is highly digestible and can translate well with this current market of hip-hop listeners. A striking element unique to Pierre Giovanni’s artistry is his ability to remain individualistic from an artist standpoint, and relatable from the listeners' standpoint. It's a mix we're obsessing over. His sound naturally garners buzz and attention. In general, we know that his music can stand on its own, but once it's combined with his persona, Pierre has a product that is all too contagious. Pierre will be remembered for his music's ability to hit you in all the right places. After each listens of a song from his, you will find yourself indulging immensely more into further soundings and music of Pierre Giovanni, thus transforming you into the fan we knew you'd become.

Discover the sound of Pierre Giovanni here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic Pierre Giovanni! How would you describe your upbringing and background?

I’m from Kansas City, Missouri so It was hard. Having to experience the things I did at a young age and going through it was crazy. But I also had dope people around me that took me out of that element of bad stuff that was going on and tried to make the best out of the worst. I use those situations I been in as motivation to keep me going. I never forgot where I came from but I don’t want to be a product of my environment when I got the potential to do great things for me and my family. 

What was the inspiration for your single “Addicted”? To be honest, I had a huge writers' block when I was writing this song. It was actually written to a different beat originally. One day I was listening to to some Kanye and appreciated his use of soul samples and wanted to incorporate that into my music. I wanted something from that era with today's era in terms of production. As soon as I heard the beat my writters block was over and I began creating. Lyric wise I also wanted to flex a little bit but also add things that happen in my community.

How would you describe the creative process behind your record “Speed Dial”? So with this record just like Addicted, I wanted something with soul in the intro but I have more fun on this record.  I didn't want to create something that was gonna be too hard to digest. just a simple party record. 

Can you detail the arrangement and production for your EP “Toronto”?

It's like a movie in terms of production and arrangement. I wanted everything thing to sync in when it came to the tracklisting. With the intro, I wanted something that like a roll in credit, something that was cinematic that could bring the listener in. Although it wasn't any lyrics and just instrumentation in the intro I wanted the listener to hear and feel it like the intro to the movie. And with the intro, it followed through with each track production-wise. That's why the last track Incubus is the end. its the outro and slower track out of all. Its the end credit.

What was your songwriting approach to most of the songs from your EP “Toronto”?

I went through a lot of things relationship-wise with women and stuff and that's what most of the project indicates. Some good, some bad. I wanted to create some "Sad N**ga Hours" type music. That "put you in your feelings type music". Just things that some dudes go through. Also, just the things that happen with me on a daily basis

What can we expect next from you Pierre Giovanni?

New project coming 2020. I'm working really hard on it. The concept project you guys will love it, that's all I'm going to say about it.