Rap Artist Veelito Gives Us Authenticity in Recent Track Release "Let Thy Will Be Done in Me"

Growing up in Bronx, NY, rap artist Veelito has a ton of life experiences to share with his listeners. Veelito takes his platform as an artist to express the personal and painful experiences he's been through. His most recent music has stimulated interest, which we primarily believe is due to Veelito's authentic approach to connecting with his listeners. Veelito puts emphasis on the integral messages we receive in life by integrating such messages into his tracks. His music catches the attention within the rap music scene, and we have to admit that it caught ours as well. One of his most recent releases, "Let Thy Will Be Done in Me" has focused on what seems to be another hardship in Veelito's life, and expressing the multitude of emotions that stem from it. 

There's an initial atmospheric feel to Veelito's track "Let Thy Will Be Done in Me". It primarily comes from the symphony-like feel and integration. The track eventually progresses into the flowing vocal deliver from Veelito, which smoothly progresses from a slow execution to a more rapid increase in both tempo and lyrical outflow. You can feel Veelito expressing something real to his listeners. He speaks on his life, his internal beliefs, and current goals. It's a rap track that puts together an inspiring message with an old school, '90s beat. 

Check out "Let Thy Will Be Done in Me" here