Rayne Has One Question and One Question Only, "Who's Sorry Now?"

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, the Dark-Pop artist, and Singer-Songwriter Rayne gears up for the release of her forthcoming EP, 'False Love,' by way of her latest upbeat single, "Who's Sorry Now?"

After beginning her industry venture in 2018 by co-writing with the likes of Tavish Crowe, Andrew Allen, Troy Sampson, and many others, Rayne quickly found her sound. Currently settling in the heart of the dark-pop music scene, Rayne is best known for fuelling her lyricism with themes that discuss the darker and sadder aspects of modern relationships.

Releasing her EP, 'False Love,' on July 30th, 2021, Rayne mentioned this about the forthcoming project, "Writing the songs for 'False Love' was really a learning experience for me. I grew so much as an artist and writer over the process, and I think you can hear that growth throughout the tracks." Recently releasing the third lead single from the project entitled "Who's Sorry Now?" let's get to the goods and dive right in.

"Who's Sorry Now?" begins with plucky synth arrangements, crisp snaps, and Rayne's warm vocal portrayal. Once the drums start to expand with light chimes, we later drop into the upbeat chorus with an exhilarating bassline, a hefty drum arrangement, bright electric guitars, and a lively array of synths.

Listening to Rayne's lyricism within this single, she expands on themes of wasting her time and effort on someone who should've stayed in her past. As Rayne continues chanting the song's title with her melodic and anthemic vocal stylings, the song comes to an end with an immense sense of empowerment and self-sufficiency.

Get your dose of motivation with help from Rayne's latest single, "Who's Sorry Now?" available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Rayne. We're incredibly excited to hear your forthcoming EP, 'False Love,' on July 30th. Why did you choose to release the single, "Who's Sorry Now," prior to the EP? Does the single encapsulate the vibe of the upcoming project?

Honestly, I just wanted to release another single before dropping the whole EP! I figured ‘Who’s Sorry Now?’ would be a fun track to release as we enter the summer months, it’s a bit more dance-inspired and has more of a summer vibe than the other unreleased songs on the EP. I think it definitely encapsulates some of the more empowered messages presented on ‘False Love’, and sonically is a good transition between the darker and brighter sounds featured on the EP.

What inspired the empowering and spiteful lyrical theme within your single, "Who's Sorry Now?” When did you begin writing ideas for this track?

The lyrics in most of my songs are kind of melancholy, so I thought it would be nice to write something a bit more confident and uplifting than the direction I normally lean into. The concept of ‘Who’s Sorry Now?’ was born in the studio. We (myself, Ryan, and Troy) would take turns throwing out an idea like “What if he dumped me over voicemail?” and then turn it into a lyric: “the wicked way you let me go, just a message on my phone”. I love that style of songwriting, where you’re figuring out how to tell a story that doesn’t exist yet.

Why did you choose to fuel the sonics for "Who's Sorry Now" with an energetic, upbeat, and confident undertone? Rather than a more saddening and introspective sonic atmosphere?

While writing ‘Who’s Sorry Now?’, we knew the track would have to be brighter sounding to match with the lyrics and message of the song. We went more of a dance direction than most of my other releases, which was a lot of fun to try out. I don’t think I see myself fully leaning into that genre with future releases, but I really enjoyed creating this song and expanding my musical horizons.

How does your forthcoming EP, 'False Love,' represent you and your current sound? Will the EP still capture your usual haunting and alluring dark-pop approach?

I think ‘False Love’ is a great representation of my growth as an artist and songwriter. There’s some variety that I think will appeal to listeners, as it doesn’t allow things to feel flat or repetitive. The feature track ‘Is It Cool If We’re Lonely?’ starts the EP off in this really cool dark pop space, and then it immediately switches over to a dancier vibe with ‘Who’s Sorry Now?’. That oscillation between upbeat and a more haunting sound continues across the entire tracklist in a surprisingly congruent way that prevents the listener from getting bored or feeling like they’ve already heard the entire EP after two songs. Throughout the writing process, I learned a lot about what my sound is and how it’s evolved since I first started working on ‘False Love’. I’m really enjoying this dark pop direction and see myself delving further into that genre with future releases.