Razor Sheds Confidence With New Single “Bootyful”

Razor is a singer and songwriter who hails all the way from Miami, Florida who just released his latest single titled “Bootyful”. “Bootyful” is a smooth-sailing song that has an intricate fusion of hip-hop with R&B. “Bootyful” has soaring melodies with an infectious hook. We love the vibe and the beat has a trendy sound that creates the hip-hop aesthetic of the song. The hook sings with detailed lyricism. A good characteristic of this song was not only the lyric’s imagery but how it manages to create an exciting element of youth for the listener.

You can listen to “Bootyful” and feel confident, enigmatic, and playful. This is perfect for attracting a great audience to the music and to the artist. “Bootyful” incorporates a lush autotune that matches the urban appeal. This is nicely executed and didn’t seem rushed. We were able to appreciate the vocal arrangement delivered smoothly to fit this suave and silk aesthetic. “Bootyful” is the perfect song to add to that intimate playlist. The playlist you listen to when with friends and getting ready to go out. Razor also delivers an iconic visual to augment the story-telling vibe and the lyrics to life.

Listen to “Bootyful” here.